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Using and Reviewing the exercises of Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott

Divine Feminine Project – Week 2: Creative Expression


Photo by Elena Stanton Photography

Divine Mother, thank you for cradling me in the womb of your loving energy. Thank you for drawing tribe and community around me. Thank you for allowing me to create safe and sacred space wherever I am. Thank you for your love.

Oh, beautiful tribe. I love you so. For anyone reading this who would like to be surrounded with loving light energy of the divine feminine, add me on facebook and ask to be added to our facebook group. We welcome you with open arms!

And so. Week one was a gathering of spirits, a quiet and hallowed place to rest and renew. To gestate and receive nourishment and energy from the divine mother. We felt the warmth of those gathered around us, holding space for our deepest dreams. From this place, I have been experimenting with expression. Screaming into a pillow. Dancing around wildly. Sitting quietly and simply allowing. I used to feel so stuck. So locked up inside of myself. When I feel that now, I wonder, how am I constricting that divine energy flow? What can I do to turn it back on, to begin allowing again?

Last night my deep, inner knowing told me, clearly and gently “You are a writer. You are a poet. Embrace this joy and purpose.” I felt so enthralled, infused with a burst of energy that I could not sleep. And so the quiet moves into a space of movement. A yawn and stretch, a testing of limbs kept stiff and tense for so long.

We may now feel the gentle stir of our inner selves, our sense of knowing, ready to move, create, sway, undulate, to connect and expand! We move on to week two, taking that safe space, that sacred circle with us, wherever we go. Unfurling it, spreading it out like a picnic blanket before us, welcoming everyone to join in the feast.

In her How to Awaken the Divine Feminine video, ten minutes in, Teal speaks of creativity. If you feel you need some guidance, she recommends the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  

I’ve been asking myself the question “What creative things did I love to do as a kid?”

I used to dance. Sing. Write poetry. Draw. Act. Make up stories and get lost in them.

This week, my priority is in expression, in creativity. In opening myself to ALLOW goddess energy, divine feminine energy, to move through me. This is no longer about the ego. This is not about getting it done, forcing it, pushing through, making it work. This is about allowing, opening and receiving all that we need, in any given moment, at any given time.

Every day this week I will dance and write. I will allow that balance, of sitting quietly with focused energy and the movement, freeing the mind from any restrictions, flowing openly.

And I pose the question to you, my beautiful tribe:

What can I do to allow creativity energy into my life?

How can I play, experiment, open up, express myself?

And in the midst of this, we think of community. Of gathering together. Of widening the circle, inviting both women and men to share in these experiences together.


PS click here to watch my youtube video on this topic. Namaste!



Divine Feminine Project- Week 1: Creating Safe Space


(Photo by Elena Stanton Photography)

Great Goddess, I call upon your divine presence. Allow me to embrace my power and wisdom. Allow me to see my own beauty and magnificence reflected back to me in every atom of this universe. Allow me to ebb and flow, to move and be moved, to heed the call of intuition. A-women.

I am so thrilled that so many wonderful women and men are interested in honoring this beautiful divine feminine energy! I feel truly surrounded by my tribe. Thank you, to each and every one of you. I’d love to reiterate that if you read this at any time and want to join in, please add me on facebook and I will invite you to a group on there specifically created to support one another.

My intent for this first week is to plant seeds. To sit quietly with intention and reflection and see where spirit guides me. To create a safe space and community of support.

The very evening the ball started rolling on this project, I started my moon cycle. As I mention in my video, it is a very powerful time for me. I feel deeply rooted in my divine feminine energy. My body draws boundaries that I don’t always feel powerful enough to. She demands respect, time alone, whatever it may be. She has the power to decide and the power to change her mind.

Since beginning this, I have felt so called to tune in to my body. To bow before her. To give her exactly what she asks for. This cycle has been an especially intense one for me. I’ve felt especially tired, achy, with much stronger cramps than usual. I generally wake up early, but on my moon cycle, my body demands sleep. Yesterday, I woke up later, received the wonderful gift of my partner bringing me raspberry leaf tea with honey in bed, and took care of myself. I watched youtube videos that inspired me, that centered me, that reminded me of the power of creating my own reality. Everything felt magical and inspired.

We went to lunch and I felt such immense gratitude for it all, for everything. The long drive there down winding, mountain roads, showcasing the flickering leaves in shades of reds, oranges and yellows. We snaked through farm land, little towns and into Roanoke, VA, a place I haven’t spent much time yet, but I feel called to. We let our intuition lead us to a restaurant with amazingly delicious food. We took the Blue Ridge Parkway home, and I was tickled by all the smallest things. My abdomen felt heavy and crampy and just as I said I’d love to have some pj pants to change into…I happened to spot some in the backseat! It’s moments like these you get to choose that either your life is mundane or magical. Mine is magical. And so are those pj pants!

We arrived home and there was a letter waiting for mefrom a previous employer. It says they have a record of an uncashed check from three years ago and if I have a notary sign a document they sent, they will reissue the check to me.

Oh, universe. I am beyond madly in love with you.

And in that moment, it didn’t even feel super shocking. It felt like “Oh, of course!”. Of course the divine mother provides for me. Of course I am supported. Of course, when I follow my highest joy, everything falls into place.

Sometimes, our days don’t feel like this. We know we’re loved and supported, but we don’t feel it. We feel so disconnected from it. And that’s ok. That is the importance of tribe, of community, for me. We don’t all need to be perfect, or feel perfect all the time. There is always, always, always exactly what we need for us in that moment. There is no shortage of love and understanding. It’s simply what we allow in.


Divine Mother, please bless me with the gift of your Allowance. Help me to allow it all, to let it all in, and let it all go. A-women.

To connect further with the Divine Feminine, we may all ask: How, in this moment, can I open up to allowing?


Divine Feminine Project – Week 1: Creating the Sacred Circle (Inspired by Teal Scott)


(Frequency Painting by Teal Scott – Feminine Interconnectedness)


Welcome beautiful beings, divine goddesses, magnificent manifesters!


Today we set the intention of creating & entering the sacred circle, to awaken the divine feminine within us all. She is ready to stir and wake, stretching her limbs in graceful movements, embracing her power and moving through her fears.


Are you interested in joining other women on this awakening journey? If so, add me on facebook and I will add you to a closed group – none of your posts in that group will be seen outside of it – where we can come together. There we can create a place to share our reflections, inspirations, challenges, and community.


Don’t have a facebook? Follow my blog and comment here or on my youtube channel – I will be posting many videos in conjunction with these blog posts. Leave links to your own projects and inspirations.


Our journeys are all unique – I have had much resistance in the past to embracing my powerful divine feminine. For me, this first week is all about creating safe space, about reflection, about mindfulness, understanding what I’m resistance to and why. This week I will be celebrating Divine Feminine by :


  • Inviting Divine Feminine / The Goddess to move in my life, each day. That she may move within me, guiding my actions, giving me courage and strength to step into my power. That she may nourish and nurture me. That she may flood me with unconditional love and guidance. How can I best serve Divine Feminine / The Great Goddess today?
  • Taking time each day to put love and respect into my physical expression. To set some time aside to consciously choose which clothes to adorn my body with, which essential oils to use, which meals will best nourish me, what I wish to put my attention to.
  • Reflect on my relationship to the traditional female gender roles. In Teal Scott’s video How to Awaken the Divine Feminine, at 4:51, she speaks of this exercise. We can start by listing out traditional female gender roles. Next, we ask the following questions:


-Do we do them because we love them or because we feel we must to be accepted?


-Does the answer we receive come from a good emotional space or negative emotional space?


These questions may bring up deep emotions, anger, resistance, frustration, joy, the entire spectrum of emotion. Here in our sacred space, we may express ourselves. I plan to do a LOT of expression writing – nonjudgmental writing devoted to expression, whatever it may be. I also plan on identifying beliefs that no longer serve me, and work on changing them.

Thank you sisters, for joining with me!! Let the healing begin 🙂


 Watch my youtube video here for more on this first week of the project.



Divine Feminine Project – Hey Laaaaadies!


Welcome, beautiful beings!

It’s been a while since I completed the Money Manifestation Challenge, but I’ve still been busy. Check out my other blog, The Root of the Root, for the projects and musings I’ve been up to over there.

And so. Here are are. Ready, as always, for more expansion, growth, to take the deliberate action and steps to allow in more abundance and freedom with every day.

I invite you, sisters & brothers, with open arms, to step into this sacred circle, to join me on this upcoming journey –

The Divine Feminine Project.

What: Divine Feminine Project. Teal Scott has a magnificent video on the divine feminine wherein she details ways to awaken the divine feminine in us. This is the next project here at The Happiness Review – all are welcome to join in!

Why: I am feeling called to embrace my authentic power, rooted deeply in the divine feminine. I am feeling called to gather together in a beautiful tribe of women, men and anyone who wishes to support and respect the divine feminine in us all.

Where: Here! I’ll be posting here on The Happiness Review, along with my Youtube channel.

When: I will be officially starting the project on Monday, October 7th. You’re welcome to join in with me or go at your own pace, whenever you feel called to.

How: I will be blogging and posting videos on my youtube channel. How would you like to explore your own divine femininity? Contact me if you’re interested in joining in and I can create a facebook page centered around sharing in these experiences.

To my soul brothers – Thank you for reading this! This exploration of divine femininity is not an exclusion of the divine masculine – far from it. We appreciate your love and support, your respect and honor. We in turn honor you. We invite you to create your own sacred space, to explore Teal’s video on Divine Masculine or to take this time to honor the beautiful women in your life, to bless their essence and power.

Watch my youtube video on The Divine Feminine Project here and share with others as we open ourselves up to support, love and healing.

Watch Teal’s video on Awakening the Divine Feminine to delve into the journey with me!

Money Manifestation Step 12 – Shift Your Perspective (Last one!!)


(Photo by the wonderful Elena Stanton)

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott.

Could it be…are we finally on the LAST step? Why yes, yes we are. So, let’s do this.

(Click HERE if you wanna know what the challenge is and how to get involved!)

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out; Skip to 22:00 for Step twelve.

“12. Shift all of your attitudes towards safety/security. Don’t treat money as if it is the thing separating you from disaster or not being safe. Instead, treat thoughts of lack of safety like they are the things separating you from disaster and not being safe. You want to focus on visualizing what safety and security would feel like and also on shifting your beliefs about all aspects of your life where you feel powerless. This will ensure that money will not be influenced by your focus on fear, disaster or powerlessness.”

 Teal explains how hoarding money will attract lack of money. Rather, we are to focus on the feeling security and safety we desire. Only once we feel in alignment with this do we take inspired action from that focus.

Loving yourself is at the core of everything, and this step is no exception. Money isn’t what’s saving you from disaster; your own thoughts are. If you’re able to foster positive thinking, knowing that that’s what attracts abundance into your life, money may even become less and less important.

 My Review / Experience

 Teal says “We all need to stop facing reality. We need to start CREATING reality.”

That is so helpful to me. Whenever I get more deeply into money manifestation, I think “Ok, but I can only take it SO far. I need to be realistic.” Nope! I am creating my own reality. Would I rather take on recycled, inherited beliefs or create my own? Through this challenge I am consciously creating my reality, rather than being a victim to outdated beliefs.

I’m working on loving myself, taking care of myself, and trusting that everything with align exactly as it needs to. I just need to focus on myself.

Watch my youtube video to hear more on this final step.

THANK YOU ALL for reading this! Thank you Teal for inspiring me!

This has been an awesome, transformational journey. I am so grateful for all your love and support and I’m excited to begin another exercise soon.

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 11 – Virtual Spending Spree


Hey all! I’m back from the amazing Floyd Yoga Jam in Floyd, VA. This past weekend I got the chance to meet amazing people, do all kinds of yoga, practice mindfulness, sing kirtan, eat delicious food and camp out under the stars. I had an awesome time and am feeling completely catalyzed to step more into my power and open my heart to new opportunities.

So, back to business. We’re on Step 11 of the Money Manifestation Challenge. If you need info on what that is, click here! I was originally inspired by Teal Scott’s video on How to Manifest Money and I encourage everyone to try out the steps, too! It’s been a transformational experience for me, and I’ve still got one last step to go.

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out.

Skip to 20:08 for Step 11

11. Engage in a virtual spending spree.

 Teal suggests using this Abraham-Hicks tool: When you get paid, reserve a certain amount of money. Set aside whatever amount feels good to you and spend it all day long, mentally. The crux of the exercise is that, in this exercise, the money is never depleted. You can spend it endlessly. Focus on the idea that the bill is immediately replaced after spending it. This is a helpful way to relax when you think about spending money, rather than clinging onto it. Start with an amount of money you feel comfortable with, then progressively amp it up. Gently stretch yourself…this is a challenge, after all! 😉

My Experience / Review

Ok, I must admit, I was a little resistant to this one at first. But why, you ask? Isn’t this another fun visualization? Yep, sure is! Buuut you see, I’m not quite receiving pay checks at the moment. Recently I’ve finally begun to relax and share the abundance monetarily with things I am aligned with. For the first time I’ve felt really good about it. For a moment I thought…erk, should I be spending gleefully (albeit responsibly) without an income? Should I return to my money-hoarding, penny-pinching ways?

Then I shook it off and got my hands dirty.

When I was a waitress, I always had cash around. Now that I’m not, however, I do not. So for now, I simply chose an imaginary bill to use in my spending spree.

First, I made a list of what I’d like to spend my money on.

A question I asked myself was: What would I like to focus my energy on?

You know how sometimes you go shopping for one specific thing, and somehow you come out of the store with all these great deals that seemed too good to pass up, but now you’re wondering why you have them? (Whew that was one long sentence.)

Instead of cluttering my life, I want to use focus to help me zone in what I truly want, and release anything I no longer need or wish to put my attention to.

Making a list helped clarify what I’d actually like, so I didn’t get lost on the internet, throwing my virtual money around aimlessly.

This exercise is meant to be done continually, but so far I’m enjoying it, largely because it once again helps me re-focus on what I want to put my energy towards. The more I focus on these things, the more they feel available and abundant to me.

So…give it a shot! And let me know how it goes 🙂

Watch my video on step 11 to hear more about this experience and my initial resistance to it.

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 10 – Money Magnet


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge.

Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already, or click here to watch the video that accompanies step 10. Join in with me at any time! Today we’re on step 10! Yeehaw. Another visualization. So, let’s get down to it.

Click here for Teal Scott’s video + article with all the steps written out.
skip to 19:18 for step 10

10. Take time to visualize that you are a magnet who breathes money to you.
Teal instructs to:
-Begin by watching breath
-Visualize yourself as money magnet
-As you inhale, money flows in, sticking to you
-As you collect the money, imagine what you’re going to do with it

This is a way to promote the idea of money flowing into your experience, without needing the “how”. You can simply relax, breathe, and attract the money to you. You trust that each inhalation brings what you need, and with your exhalation you send that energy out into the world. Trust that exchange, that flow.

My Review / Experience

Ohh, this one’s fun! I feel that this exercise is extremely self-loving. In order to help clarify, this exercise, I broke it down into a few steps. This is just works for me; adjust as need be for yourself!

  • Write it down – Before I began the visualization, I jotted down things I’d like to spend my money on. I got specific. Many of these things were experiences or items I had already focused on in step 2.
  • Include Monetary Value – This time, along with writing down what I wanted, I also wrote a general number figure attached to it. I used to feel really anxious thinking about anything I wanted that cost a lot of money. It send me into a “I can’t afford that!” mode. Having fun with money was a foreign concept. In order to break down those barriers, I wrote down specific money amounts to guide me through the visualization.

As I went through the visualization, I practiced focusing on the inhalation and exhalation guiding the experience. As I inhaled, money flowed to me. As I exhaled, I freely circulated this money energy to what I desired to focus on.

Note: I mention this in my step 10 video, but today is the last day to sign up for Cora Flora‘s Heart Money Magic course! It’s an 8 week online course to create harmony and peace with money and spirituality. If you want to connect with some community while doing a guided course, this may be an awesome opportunity for you. I’ll share my experiences with it as well, so you can get a peek into what it’s like.

Daily Grateful: Worry-free Spending

I have not always enjoyed spending money. In fact, this challenge was born out of a grocery shopping experience in which I felt paranoid about something as simple as spending money on food. I had plenty of money in the bank and yet, always associated worrying with being responsible with my money.

Over the past several days, I let money flow. I released it out of my experience, trusting that it’s a fluid connection, that it’ll flow back to me when I need it. I was able to buy things that nourish my soul, while supporting people and ideas that I couldn’t be more excited about. I am experience what alignment in spending feels like.

If you’re a mega-worrier reading this, and can’t imagine spending large chunks of money, worry-free, just know that less than a month ago, I was in your exact shoes. I was fretting about spending money on anything, even little things. You are creating your own reality! You are the one who can allow abundance and relaxation to flow into your experience, effortlessly. You are the master who makes the grass green.

Watch the video below for more of my experience with this step:

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 8 & 9 – Limitless Abundance


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge. Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already. Join in with me at any time!

I was away on a camping trip for a few days and I’m back, ready to dive into the challenge. Today we’re tackling 8 and 9. (Click here to jump to the video I made for 8 & 9.)  Why both steps in one post? Actually, I accidentally lumped step 8 in with step 7 already!

In the video, Teal announces the step number before delving into each one, but forgot to do so with step 8. Oops. Ok, enough of that confusion. Let’s do a quick review of what step 8 is and then we’ll move on to 9.

Click here for Teal’s video + article on money manifestation steps.
Skip to 15:53 for Step 8

8. Take any step which will help you to release resistance relative to money. This is individual, for example, for some that may mean creating a budget, for others it may mean saving.

Skip to 17:10 of Teal’s video for step 9.

9. Take note of EVERY form of abundance which is flowing into your experience no matter how small or large. And don’t take inventory (focus on where you aren’t yet) instead trust the universe to deliver exactly what you ask for. The law of the land is Ask and it is given.
⦁    Appreciate all measure of abundance. – It’s tempting to scoff at pennies, but if pennies are coming to you, appreciate them for the abundance they are! We think of pennies as nearly valueless, but what happens if you keep a coin jar and fill it up? I’ve done this in the past before with a “travel fund” jar and gotten awesome results. It’s essentially like finding $30 on the street.

⦁    Appreciate all TYPES of abundance. – Abundance is not limited to dollars and coins. Do you have an abundance of books that make you feel good and raise your vibration? Delicious food to make nutritious meals? Water to take a cleansing shower? Fresh air to breathe in? Trees, grass, clouds? Try going through a day in your life, mentally, and type out various forms of abundance you experience through out it. You may be surprised at how blessed and wealthy you feel.

*Note: When you do this, you may feel unexpectedly guilty or ashamed at your own abundance. In the past, I used excuses for why I wasn’t “better”. ex. I don’t have enough money, I’m not talented enough, not enough time, not enough attention. When you focus on your abundance, and feel empowered, you may feel intimidated by your lack of excuses holding you back. That’s ok! That’s your old programming. Give yourself a lot of love and just keep focusing on gratitude.

⦁    Stay in the moment of appreciation. – Teal tells us not to take inventory. If you hop up from doing a money visualization, wondering why money hasn’t come to you yet, and start fussing about it, check yoself! That’s just going to get you stuck in a worry loop. Remember to relax and enjoy the process for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment. Remember: interest in money is rooted in your interest in happiness. If you continue to exist in a state of happiness and enjoyment, it will all flow. No need to try to force it!

*Note: I admit, I have taken inventory. Starting this blog was a vulnerable, yet empowering experience for me. I’ve been grateful for each and every person who reads, watches my videos, comments, likes them, etc. Yet, if a video or blog post got very few views I’d think “What did I do wrong?”. In my effort to please people, I’d start to lose sight of the real goal. I’d take inventory by checking my views and using THAT as a measure of my success. This is a powerful step to gently flow back to the original intention, and to keep focusing on the gratitude. So THANK YOU all for your love and support. I appreciate it endlessly.

Daily Grateful: Camping Abundance
I just went camping for several days. I went hiking, canoeing, ate delicious food and hung out with some awesome people. I haven’t been canoeing in years and the abundance of having a canoe to use, a place to use it, transportation for it, and my partner’s knowledge on how to put all those elements together…magical. I am doing and learning so many of the things I’ve wanted to for so long. I am so blessed.

Thank you, everyone who visits my blogs and my youtube channel. My intention is for all of us to become happier, more empowered and grateful with each day. Please use my YouTube channel and this blog as a means to promote your own! If you connect with what you see and read, add my channel and we’ll keep growing our support systems with one another.

Much love to you all!

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 7 – You Deserve It

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Steps 1 through 6.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 14:35 in the video for step 7.

7. Re-frame your life from one of earning/effort to deserving.

In learning to truly love yourself, you take the stance of deserving. No hoops to jump through, no skills to perfect. You are perfect just the way you are. Deserving just as you are. Otherwise, you’ll only allow money in through punishment, through effort, through “hard work”.

Teal says – “Releasing resistance is confusing to explain –  Holding resistance means you’re focused on the thing you have resistance to.” In order to release that resistance, you need to start where you are and take steps that feel good to you in this moment.

This may look like:

  • Creating a budget
  • Cutting unnecessary expenses

Being self-loving doesn’t mean pushing yourself into new beliefs, it’s about gently leading yourself there. If you don’t yet believe in your own abundance, that money can flow into your experience, what will feel self loving in regards to money? You can support yourself by setting up stepping stones, like the examples above, to help you feel more abundant and positive about money.

My Review / Experience

The key here for me is self-love.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things right. In completing this challenge and then moving on. The absolute center and focus of all of these exercises, however, is love! Teal has a video called Self Love – The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment.

This is a helpful video to watch if you’re getting bogged down by rules and steps, or if you’re losing focus on self-love being the root of it all.

My resolution with this step is to ask myself “How can I love myself? What would someone who loved themself do?” when I feel unclear with my finances. I want to shift the focus to love rather than focusing on what I perceive to be logical – that which is limited and often unpleasant.

Daily Grateful: Abundance in Nature

The area of Virginia I’m in, in the mountains, is breath taking. Just driving into town, on curvy roads, past fields, through forest, past farms and homes, is beautiful. Being in a new place can be challenging. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I can so easily access nature. As soon as I do, I feel replenished, centered and in tune with myself and a higher source.

Interested in my experiences completing this challenge? Watch my YouTube video and the others on my channel to get up to speed 🙂

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 6 – Follow the White Rabbit


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 12:15 for step 6

6. “Follow the white rabbit”. Set forth an intention and let the opportunities show up for you in the shape of synchronicities and unexpected coincidences and then act on inspired action.

Teal says “Don’t take action steps to make up for what you lack in focus.” This means if you do no work to change your focus and attitude toward money, there’s no action in the world that could jolt you into alignment.

Take only inspired action. It will feel good, not like effort. Things will “fall into your lap” in the form of synchronicities, etc. even if you can’t immediately see the big picture.

My Experience / Review

This blog was actually an exercise in following the white rabbit! There were synchronistic steps that I followed that led to this inspiration. I still feel unable to see the big picture and yet I’m loosening my grip on that more every day. For whatever reason, working on this doesn’t feel like work, it feels fun. It feels like an awesome expression of my own personal exploration. It keeps me motivated, accountable and helps me synthesize information I’ve always wanted to focus on. I have no doubt the more I follow this white rabbit, more and more things will come into focus for me.

Ways to get in tune with synchronicities:

  • Pay attention to repeating themes in your life. Keep looking at the clock at 11:11? Keep seeing a certain symbol or color everywhere? Maybe the same word or you keep getting change back in strange amounts? Pay attention to these. Keep your senses open.
  • Don’t wear out the “coincidence” card. Don’t buy into the idea that reality has to be boring and mundane. What’s unrealistic about life being interesting? When I happen upon an animal, I can choose to think “whatever” and pass by it or to view it as animal spirit medicine and see what gifts and wisdom it has for me.
  • Listen to things that “pop” into your head. Be gentle with yourself, rather than shooting down ideas right away. I had the idea for this blog, but immediately wanted to shoot it down with a whole host of reasons rooted in fear and insecurity. Eventually, however, I trusted my inner voice and I feel that transformation is inevitable in conducting this experiment.
  • Get out in nature! Just this morning, I was feeling the weight of my own expectations. Being free of strict obligations is incredibly freeing and yet you start to noticing the limitations you impose on yourself. The shadow work aspect of this can be overwhelming. I took a hike and it entirely transformed my day into something magical, inspiring and beautiful.
  • Ask your spirit guides for assistance. There are countless beings conspiring to shower you with blessings, you simply need to allow them in! A good way to get in touch with them is by doing a journey or guided meditation. I’ve used this guided meditation and found it extremely helpful on Charis Melina Brown’s YouTube channel .

Daily Grateful: Money in da Mail!

I received my last work check today in the mail. I thought I’d already received my final one so I feel grateful and excited to have more money flowing in.

Intrigued by this money challenge? Wondering whether it’d be worth undertaking one yourself? Check out my YouTube video for step 6 and browse the other videos on my channel. Leave a comment here if you decide to take part in the challenge!