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Money Manifestation Step 12 – Shift Your Perspective (Last one!!)


(Photo by the wonderful Elena Stanton)

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott.

Could it be…are we finally on the LAST step? Why yes, yes we are. So, let’s do this.

(Click HERE if you wanna know what the challenge is and how to get involved!)

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out; Skip to 22:00 for Step twelve.

“12. Shift all of your attitudes towards safety/security. Don’t treat money as if it is the thing separating you from disaster or not being safe. Instead, treat thoughts of lack of safety like they are the things separating you from disaster and not being safe. You want to focus on visualizing what safety and security would feel like and also on shifting your beliefs about all aspects of your life where you feel powerless. This will ensure that money will not be influenced by your focus on fear, disaster or powerlessness.”

 Teal explains how hoarding money will attract lack of money. Rather, we are to focus on the feeling security and safety we desire. Only once we feel in alignment with this do we take inspired action from that focus.

Loving yourself is at the core of everything, and this step is no exception. Money isn’t what’s saving you from disaster; your own thoughts are. If you’re able to foster positive thinking, knowing that that’s what attracts abundance into your life, money may even become less and less important.

 My Review / Experience

 Teal says “We all need to stop facing reality. We need to start CREATING reality.”

That is so helpful to me. Whenever I get more deeply into money manifestation, I think “Ok, but I can only take it SO far. I need to be realistic.” Nope! I am creating my own reality. Would I rather take on recycled, inherited beliefs or create my own? Through this challenge I am consciously creating my reality, rather than being a victim to outdated beliefs.

I’m working on loving myself, taking care of myself, and trusting that everything with align exactly as it needs to. I just need to focus on myself.

Watch my youtube video to hear more on this final step.

THANK YOU ALL for reading this! Thank you Teal for inspiring me!

This has been an awesome, transformational journey. I am so grateful for all your love and support and I’m excited to begin another exercise soon.


Money Manifestation Challenge Step 11 – Virtual Spending Spree


Hey all! I’m back from the amazing Floyd Yoga Jam in Floyd, VA. This past weekend I got the chance to meet amazing people, do all kinds of yoga, practice mindfulness, sing kirtan, eat delicious food and camp out under the stars. I had an awesome time and am feeling completely catalyzed to step more into my power and open my heart to new opportunities.

So, back to business. We’re on Step 11 of the Money Manifestation Challenge. If you need info on what that is, click here! I was originally inspired by Teal Scott’s video on How to Manifest Money and I encourage everyone to try out the steps, too! It’s been a transformational experience for me, and I’ve still got one last step to go.

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out.

Skip to 20:08 for Step 11

11. Engage in a virtual spending spree.

 Teal suggests using this Abraham-Hicks tool: When you get paid, reserve a certain amount of money. Set aside whatever amount feels good to you and spend it all day long, mentally. The crux of the exercise is that, in this exercise, the money is never depleted. You can spend it endlessly. Focus on the idea that the bill is immediately replaced after spending it. This is a helpful way to relax when you think about spending money, rather than clinging onto it. Start with an amount of money you feel comfortable with, then progressively amp it up. Gently stretch yourself…this is a challenge, after all! 😉

My Experience / Review

Ok, I must admit, I was a little resistant to this one at first. But why, you ask? Isn’t this another fun visualization? Yep, sure is! Buuut you see, I’m not quite receiving pay checks at the moment. Recently I’ve finally begun to relax and share the abundance monetarily with things I am aligned with. For the first time I’ve felt really good about it. For a moment I thought…erk, should I be spending gleefully (albeit responsibly) without an income? Should I return to my money-hoarding, penny-pinching ways?

Then I shook it off and got my hands dirty.

When I was a waitress, I always had cash around. Now that I’m not, however, I do not. So for now, I simply chose an imaginary bill to use in my spending spree.

First, I made a list of what I’d like to spend my money on.

A question I asked myself was: What would I like to focus my energy on?

You know how sometimes you go shopping for one specific thing, and somehow you come out of the store with all these great deals that seemed too good to pass up, but now you’re wondering why you have them? (Whew that was one long sentence.)

Instead of cluttering my life, I want to use focus to help me zone in what I truly want, and release anything I no longer need or wish to put my attention to.

Making a list helped clarify what I’d actually like, so I didn’t get lost on the internet, throwing my virtual money around aimlessly.

This exercise is meant to be done continually, but so far I’m enjoying it, largely because it once again helps me re-focus on what I want to put my energy towards. The more I focus on these things, the more they feel available and abundant to me.

So…give it a shot! And let me know how it goes 🙂

Watch my video on step 11 to hear more about this experience and my initial resistance to it.

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 10 – Money Magnet


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge.

Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already, or click here to watch the video that accompanies step 10. Join in with me at any time! Today we’re on step 10! Yeehaw. Another visualization. So, let’s get down to it.

Click here for Teal Scott’s video + article with all the steps written out.
skip to 19:18 for step 10

10. Take time to visualize that you are a magnet who breathes money to you.
Teal instructs to:
-Begin by watching breath
-Visualize yourself as money magnet
-As you inhale, money flows in, sticking to you
-As you collect the money, imagine what you’re going to do with it

This is a way to promote the idea of money flowing into your experience, without needing the “how”. You can simply relax, breathe, and attract the money to you. You trust that each inhalation brings what you need, and with your exhalation you send that energy out into the world. Trust that exchange, that flow.

My Review / Experience

Ohh, this one’s fun! I feel that this exercise is extremely self-loving. In order to help clarify, this exercise, I broke it down into a few steps. This is just works for me; adjust as need be for yourself!

  • Write it down – Before I began the visualization, I jotted down things I’d like to spend my money on. I got specific. Many of these things were experiences or items I had already focused on in step 2.
  • Include Monetary Value – This time, along with writing down what I wanted, I also wrote a general number figure attached to it. I used to feel really anxious thinking about anything I wanted that cost a lot of money. It send me into a “I can’t afford that!” mode. Having fun with money was a foreign concept. In order to break down those barriers, I wrote down specific money amounts to guide me through the visualization.

As I went through the visualization, I practiced focusing on the inhalation and exhalation guiding the experience. As I inhaled, money flowed to me. As I exhaled, I freely circulated this money energy to what I desired to focus on.

Note: I mention this in my step 10 video, but today is the last day to sign up for Cora Flora‘s Heart Money Magic course! It’s an 8 week online course to create harmony and peace with money and spirituality. If you want to connect with some community while doing a guided course, this may be an awesome opportunity for you. I’ll share my experiences with it as well, so you can get a peek into what it’s like.

Daily Grateful: Worry-free Spending

I have not always enjoyed spending money. In fact, this challenge was born out of a grocery shopping experience in which I felt paranoid about something as simple as spending money on food. I had plenty of money in the bank and yet, always associated worrying with being responsible with my money.

Over the past several days, I let money flow. I released it out of my experience, trusting that it’s a fluid connection, that it’ll flow back to me when I need it. I was able to buy things that nourish my soul, while supporting people and ideas that I couldn’t be more excited about. I am experience what alignment in spending feels like.

If you’re a mega-worrier reading this, and can’t imagine spending large chunks of money, worry-free, just know that less than a month ago, I was in your exact shoes. I was fretting about spending money on anything, even little things. You are creating your own reality! You are the one who can allow abundance and relaxation to flow into your experience, effortlessly. You are the master who makes the grass green.

Watch the video below for more of my experience with this step:

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 8 & 9 – Limitless Abundance


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge. Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already. Join in with me at any time!

I was away on a camping trip for a few days and I’m back, ready to dive into the challenge. Today we’re tackling 8 and 9. (Click here to jump to the video I made for 8 & 9.)  Why both steps in one post? Actually, I accidentally lumped step 8 in with step 7 already!

In the video, Teal announces the step number before delving into each one, but forgot to do so with step 8. Oops. Ok, enough of that confusion. Let’s do a quick review of what step 8 is and then we’ll move on to 9.

Click here for Teal’s video + article on money manifestation steps.
Skip to 15:53 for Step 8

8. Take any step which will help you to release resistance relative to money. This is individual, for example, for some that may mean creating a budget, for others it may mean saving.

Skip to 17:10 of Teal’s video for step 9.

9. Take note of EVERY form of abundance which is flowing into your experience no matter how small or large. And don’t take inventory (focus on where you aren’t yet) instead trust the universe to deliver exactly what you ask for. The law of the land is Ask and it is given.
⦁    Appreciate all measure of abundance. – It’s tempting to scoff at pennies, but if pennies are coming to you, appreciate them for the abundance they are! We think of pennies as nearly valueless, but what happens if you keep a coin jar and fill it up? I’ve done this in the past before with a “travel fund” jar and gotten awesome results. It’s essentially like finding $30 on the street.

⦁    Appreciate all TYPES of abundance. – Abundance is not limited to dollars and coins. Do you have an abundance of books that make you feel good and raise your vibration? Delicious food to make nutritious meals? Water to take a cleansing shower? Fresh air to breathe in? Trees, grass, clouds? Try going through a day in your life, mentally, and type out various forms of abundance you experience through out it. You may be surprised at how blessed and wealthy you feel.

*Note: When you do this, you may feel unexpectedly guilty or ashamed at your own abundance. In the past, I used excuses for why I wasn’t “better”. ex. I don’t have enough money, I’m not talented enough, not enough time, not enough attention. When you focus on your abundance, and feel empowered, you may feel intimidated by your lack of excuses holding you back. That’s ok! That’s your old programming. Give yourself a lot of love and just keep focusing on gratitude.

⦁    Stay in the moment of appreciation. – Teal tells us not to take inventory. If you hop up from doing a money visualization, wondering why money hasn’t come to you yet, and start fussing about it, check yoself! That’s just going to get you stuck in a worry loop. Remember to relax and enjoy the process for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment. Remember: interest in money is rooted in your interest in happiness. If you continue to exist in a state of happiness and enjoyment, it will all flow. No need to try to force it!

*Note: I admit, I have taken inventory. Starting this blog was a vulnerable, yet empowering experience for me. I’ve been grateful for each and every person who reads, watches my videos, comments, likes them, etc. Yet, if a video or blog post got very few views I’d think “What did I do wrong?”. In my effort to please people, I’d start to lose sight of the real goal. I’d take inventory by checking my views and using THAT as a measure of my success. This is a powerful step to gently flow back to the original intention, and to keep focusing on the gratitude. So THANK YOU all for your love and support. I appreciate it endlessly.

Daily Grateful: Camping Abundance
I just went camping for several days. I went hiking, canoeing, ate delicious food and hung out with some awesome people. I haven’t been canoeing in years and the abundance of having a canoe to use, a place to use it, transportation for it, and my partner’s knowledge on how to put all those elements together…magical. I am doing and learning so many of the things I’ve wanted to for so long. I am so blessed.

Thank you, everyone who visits my blogs and my youtube channel. My intention is for all of us to become happier, more empowered and grateful with each day. Please use my YouTube channel and this blog as a means to promote your own! If you connect with what you see and read, add my channel and we’ll keep growing our support systems with one another.

Much love to you all!

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 7 – You Deserve It

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Steps 1 through 6.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 14:35 in the video for step 7.

7. Re-frame your life from one of earning/effort to deserving.

In learning to truly love yourself, you take the stance of deserving. No hoops to jump through, no skills to perfect. You are perfect just the way you are. Deserving just as you are. Otherwise, you’ll only allow money in through punishment, through effort, through “hard work”.

Teal says – “Releasing resistance is confusing to explain –  Holding resistance means you’re focused on the thing you have resistance to.” In order to release that resistance, you need to start where you are and take steps that feel good to you in this moment.

This may look like:

  • Creating a budget
  • Cutting unnecessary expenses

Being self-loving doesn’t mean pushing yourself into new beliefs, it’s about gently leading yourself there. If you don’t yet believe in your own abundance, that money can flow into your experience, what will feel self loving in regards to money? You can support yourself by setting up stepping stones, like the examples above, to help you feel more abundant and positive about money.

My Review / Experience

The key here for me is self-love.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things right. In completing this challenge and then moving on. The absolute center and focus of all of these exercises, however, is love! Teal has a video called Self Love – The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment.

This is a helpful video to watch if you’re getting bogged down by rules and steps, or if you’re losing focus on self-love being the root of it all.

My resolution with this step is to ask myself “How can I love myself? What would someone who loved themself do?” when I feel unclear with my finances. I want to shift the focus to love rather than focusing on what I perceive to be logical – that which is limited and often unpleasant.

Daily Grateful: Abundance in Nature

The area of Virginia I’m in, in the mountains, is breath taking. Just driving into town, on curvy roads, past fields, through forest, past farms and homes, is beautiful. Being in a new place can be challenging. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I can so easily access nature. As soon as I do, I feel replenished, centered and in tune with myself and a higher source.

Interested in my experiences completing this challenge? Watch my YouTube video and the others on my channel to get up to speed 🙂

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 6 – Follow the White Rabbit


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 12:15 for step 6

6. “Follow the white rabbit”. Set forth an intention and let the opportunities show up for you in the shape of synchronicities and unexpected coincidences and then act on inspired action.

Teal says “Don’t take action steps to make up for what you lack in focus.” This means if you do no work to change your focus and attitude toward money, there’s no action in the world that could jolt you into alignment.

Take only inspired action. It will feel good, not like effort. Things will “fall into your lap” in the form of synchronicities, etc. even if you can’t immediately see the big picture.

My Experience / Review

This blog was actually an exercise in following the white rabbit! There were synchronistic steps that I followed that led to this inspiration. I still feel unable to see the big picture and yet I’m loosening my grip on that more every day. For whatever reason, working on this doesn’t feel like work, it feels fun. It feels like an awesome expression of my own personal exploration. It keeps me motivated, accountable and helps me synthesize information I’ve always wanted to focus on. I have no doubt the more I follow this white rabbit, more and more things will come into focus for me.

Ways to get in tune with synchronicities:

  • Pay attention to repeating themes in your life. Keep looking at the clock at 11:11? Keep seeing a certain symbol or color everywhere? Maybe the same word or you keep getting change back in strange amounts? Pay attention to these. Keep your senses open.
  • Don’t wear out the “coincidence” card. Don’t buy into the idea that reality has to be boring and mundane. What’s unrealistic about life being interesting? When I happen upon an animal, I can choose to think “whatever” and pass by it or to view it as animal spirit medicine and see what gifts and wisdom it has for me.
  • Listen to things that “pop” into your head. Be gentle with yourself, rather than shooting down ideas right away. I had the idea for this blog, but immediately wanted to shoot it down with a whole host of reasons rooted in fear and insecurity. Eventually, however, I trusted my inner voice and I feel that transformation is inevitable in conducting this experiment.
  • Get out in nature! Just this morning, I was feeling the weight of my own expectations. Being free of strict obligations is incredibly freeing and yet you start to noticing the limitations you impose on yourself. The shadow work aspect of this can be overwhelming. I took a hike and it entirely transformed my day into something magical, inspiring and beautiful.
  • Ask your spirit guides for assistance. There are countless beings conspiring to shower you with blessings, you simply need to allow them in! A good way to get in touch with them is by doing a journey or guided meditation. I’ve used this guided meditation and found it extremely helpful on Charis Melina Brown’s YouTube channel .

Daily Grateful: Money in da Mail!

I received my last work check today in the mail. I thought I’d already received my final one so I feel grateful and excited to have more money flowing in.

Intrigued by this money challenge? Wondering whether it’d be worth undertaking one yourself? Check out my YouTube video for step 6 and browse the other videos on my channel. Leave a comment here if you decide to take part in the challenge!

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 5 – Freedom from Debt


(Yeahhhh, baby! You’re entering the debt free zone. Yeeeeehaw.)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, 3 and 4.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 11:34 for step 5

5. Avoid debt. If you already have debt, eliminate it.

Once again, a pretty straight forward step. Not much elaboration in the video.

My Review / Experience

To be honest, my stomach sunk a little bit when I got to this step. In the video, Teal says to avoid debt because it makes one focus on lack. I was somewhat frustrated that there was no follow-up as to what to do if you’re already IN debt.

Good thing I don’t need Teal to spoon-feed me everything, huh? I decided to revisit Step 4 to help – focusing on feeling good when spending money. I have student loan debt and I pay money towards that each month. Rather than focusing on lack and regret every time I do this, on feeling poor and swindled, I am changing that focus to abundance.

I looked up my loans and what I currently owe and wrote that number down on a piece of paper. It’s only daunting if you focus on that aspect of it. I am choosing to focus on how freeing it will feel to be debt-free. Of how accomplished and amazing I will feel.

Within the past year, I’ve paid off credit debt and a small student loan by cutting down my expenses and focusing on paying them off. During that time, although I loved the feeling of paying off debt, I still perceived it as hard work, as sacrificial. I thought I had to sacrifice time and energy that could have been put towards something more enjoyable.

This topic is so loaded, I could write tons on it. Instead I’m going to try and keep it simple: focus on abundance. Focus on feeling good. Focus on the idea of money flowing in and out of my experience, and me directing it towards what I wish to. (If you need more practical advice on money, there’s so much out there! Just try to key in “positive thinking” or find a financial advisor who has a positive outlook.)

Visualizing myself paying off debt feels so good that it doesn’t feel like work or drudgery at all. It feels fun, freeing and like a great use of my time.

Daily Grateful: Free Time!

This is one of the most luxurious periods of my life thus far in regards to how I spend my time.
This is the place from which I want to attract Whatever’s Next into my life. From this open, relaxed, joyous state of being.

Yes, I have to remind myself to relax and enjoy this sometimes. It may sound strange, but this can trigger feelings of guilt in me. Shouldn’t I be worrying about something? Shouldn’t I have clear-cut responsibilities? Isn’t my freedom and joy hurting someone else? My focus right now is to be present in the here and now. To stop worrying about what I ought to be doing and enjoying what I am doing.

We’re so used to thinking of our time as not our own. Right now, there’s no doubt about it. My time is my own. I get to play guitar, learn to cook Indian food, play with kitties, goats, dogs and people. I get to meditate, do yoga, wander through the woods. I get to go on hikes, drive through the mountainous countryside, write poetry, work on my blog. I am so blessed and so grateful for all the support and love I have received. I am so grateful that this time in my life is possible and that I can relax enough to enjoy it. Thank you, everyone!

Watch my YouTube video on Step 5 to hear more about how I’m dealing positively with managing my debt, as well as other exercises to incorporate into this Money Manifestation Challenge 🙂

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 4 – Spending


(ok, please tell me you love the stock photo as much as I do?)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, and 3!

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.
Skip to 10:19 of the video for step 4.

4. When you have to spend money, think your way into it feeling good to spend that money. No buyer’s remorse, no guilt, no focus on lack or loss.

This step doesn’t require too much explanation; it’s a speedy one. Try this one out any time you spend any money. Whether it’s filling your car up with gas, buying groceries, paying bills, etc. (Don’t worry if the “paying bills” one seems too convoluted. There’s another step set aside for that one alone.)

My Experience / Review

Perfect. This step fell on the day of a big co-op shopping haul. This is when I noticed how worrying is such an ingrained habit in me. Something most people who know me know about me: I love food. I love good, healthy, real food. There are few things I’m as enthusiastic to spend my money on. I like to prioritize organic, fresh food over something cheaper.

Despite going into this shopping trip intentionally focused on aligning with how I was spending the money, I still felt myself slip back into old habits. I can get focused on doing things “right” when there are others around. When I shop at the co-op, I really enjoy myself. I browse. I take forever. I look at every little thing, because I’m having fun. (I don’t expect anyone else to share this approach, haha!)

Since my boyfriend was with me (who is endlessly supportive, by the way, and very patient with me) I started to click into my “pleasing others” mode. Of course, all this does is make me worried I’m upsetting the other person, which makes me worry more, stress more, and be less fun to be around. I was able to bring my focus back to enjoyment and alignment, but I’m not gonna be proclaiming my absolute perfection from the mountain tops anytime soon.

Something I am taking away from this experience:

  • It is ALWAYS worth it, to me, to spend my money, ie. invest my energy, into good, nutritious food. No feeling guilty, no worrying. Just going for it.
  • These steps aren’t about “getting it right”. They’re about changing perspective; they are essentially a practice in mindfulness. In first setting the intention, then witnessing the process. I don’t expect myself to be perfect. I do expect myself to keep trying my best with whatever I have, in this current moment.

Daily Grateful: Co-op!!

There is something that makes me feel so at home when I step foot into a natural health / co-op type store. I grew up tagging along when my mom went to them, so they have that special place in my heart, I suppose. Since leaving Minneapolis, I’d been missing mine already! My boyfriend took me on a little tour of the ones in the area  and I was completely geeking out. We ended up getting so much good food and I am SO excited to make some awesome, healthy recipes! Hooray!

Watch my video on step 4 for more detail on how spending money stirred up triggered old habits and how I dealt with it.

Money Manifestation Challenge Step 3 – Root it Out!


Hey all! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge.

Wondering what that is? Check out this blog post and the video with it.

Today we are on Step 3. Click on the link below to see Teal Scott’s video on the topic + all the steps written out. Skip to 8:28 of the video for step 3.

3. Root out and replace your limiting beliefs relative to money. Get a positive association with money.

Teal notes that the frequency of our desire and our belief need to align.  Even if we desire money, a mismatched frequency from an outdated belief can hold us back.

Sounds like we’ve got some work ahead of us, eh?

Luckily, however, Teal has also made a video called How to Change a Belief in which she gives us 8 steps. So, grab a pen and paper and first, brainstorm. Make a list with as many beliefs about money as possible. Don’t edit or analyze them right now; simply get them all down on paper.

Ok, now we can move on to Teal’s 8 steps to change a belief. This may seem like a lot of work, but we’ve often carried our beliefs about money around since a very early age. Years of reinforcing detrminental beliefs may take some determined weeding and gentle planting of  new, positive beliefs. I have tried glossing over the negative beliefs with positive affirmations, but found that the roots were still there. This time I’m looking to uproot; let’s do this!

Click on the link below to watch Teal’s video on How to Change a Belief

I’m putting an example from my experience completing this exercise into italics, so you can see what this process might look like.

1. Identify the belief.

In identifying the belief, we take a step outside of ourselves and view it as something outside of us rather than something we’re tethered to.

Ex: Worrying about money means I’m being financially responsible.

2. Decide if the belief is beneficial or detrimental to you.
Teal says to stop working with true and false. Work with beneficial or detrimental.

Keeping this belief is detrimental to me. It keeps me in a victim mindset, it keeps me at odds with the belief that I create my own reality, which is highly beneficial.

3. Decide what you would rather believe instead.

Turn the detrimental, limiting beliefs around into helpful, expansive beliefs.

I’d rather believe: Not worrying, ie. relaxing and allowing money effortlessly and trusting myself with it, means I’m being financially responsible.

4. Determine the emotional pay off that the negative belief is providing for you and decide if the emotional pay off is worth keeping the belief or not. If not, decide you are ready to let go of it.

What are you getting out of your detrimental thoughts? Are you using them to keep yourself a victim? To get attention? Decide if you are ready to let go of that. If not, this is a good step to re-visit over time.

Worrying about money gives me a false sense of control over it, because I think I need to control it in order to have it and be responsible with it. Worrying keeps me in an alignment with lack and disallowing abundance,  with cutting off Source stream. This keeps me in a place of feeling “out of control”, unempowered, like a little kid. If I’m unempowered, if I’m a victim, I am safe. By being helpless, others will like me, not be threatened by me, and being powerful, owning my strength, puts me in danger. I’ve been keeping myself a victim in order to survive.
Yes, I am SO ready to give up that emotional pay off, because I’ve already begun to experience the bliss of allowing abundance in so many other ways. Money is just another form. I am ready to thrive, to step into my power, to allow money into my experience!

5. Seek out alternative evidence and alternative explanations which undermine the validity of your detrimental belief. Replace the evidence you’ve been using to back up and support your detrimental belief with evidence that undermines it!

Play the angel’s advocate. Play around with the beliefs you’ve grasped on so tightly to. You’ll easily see how subjective your reality is once you start to re-frame the evidence you once used to hold onto that detrimental belief.

Evidence for detrimental belief Worrying about money means I’m being financially responsible  :

  • I’ve survived thus far by “being nice”, ie. putting others’ realities ahead of building my own
  • As the middle kid in my family, my job was peace keeper, holding the balance. Putting others’ concerns ahead of my own.
  • Staying powerless relieves me from stress and puts that burden on others.  If I’m not in charge, no one can bother me. I can just play dumb.
  • My parents always worried about money when I was young
  • People get jealous and angry at those with lots of money. I need to be liked in order to survive.

Evidence that undermines detrimental belief:

  • There is no way to be truly loving to someone while actively not loving (ignoring my own value) myself
  • Shying from my own power does not help anyone. It simply perpetuates a collective belief in disempowerment.
  • As the middle kid in my family, I can now heal old patterns and wounds by using loving myself as a basis for all my other actions. As I step into my own power, it liberates others to do so.
  • **Staying powerless only adds more stress into my life!! I feel inadequate for not stepping up. I annoy others when I play dumb, despite the fact that I “should” know better. It causes me to WORRY about money, the issue at hand, not to feel care free!!**
  • My parents were simply passing on a belief they received from their parents. Time to move beyond old patterns and consciously CREATE new ones.

I’m learning that my detrimental “evidence” is all largely theoretical. Many of them are inherently contradictory. I can tell they were just beliefs I adopted, without even getting lots of concrete evidence for them. I observed my parents struggling with money, loved my parents, and adopted this similar way of behaving.

6. Look for evidence and proof to back up the beneficial belief which you would rather believe.

Evidence for beneficial belief -Not worrying, ie. relaxing and allowing money effortlessly and trusting myself with it, means I’m being financially responsible :

  • I have begun stepping into my own power and have received so much positive feedback and support! People support me MORE as I step into my own power.
  • I FEEL so good when I do something that feels like a true expression of myself. I enjoy sharing my gifts and talents with the world.
  • My dad and family give me endless support and love as I expand my reality. I no longer need to use the “victim” role in my family to survive!
  • For the past year I had a job I liked, worked with wonderful people and made more money than I ever had. It allowed me to pay off credit card debt, pay off a student loan, reduce other student loans and save to move: all in nine months’ time!! Wow! The empowerment that came from that has been ONLY POSITIVE
  • I’m happier than I ever have been. Each day I embrace who I am more and more.
  • As I love myself more, I allow more loving, wonderful people into my life who reflect that love back to me.

Hot damn I feel good! I really feel the momentum building in this part of the exercise. Trust me, you’ll feel good when you build up the beneficial belief you’ve been keeping yourself from for so long.

7. Use affirmations that work. These are affirmations which feel good to think, that you DO believe… NOT affirmations which make you more aware of where you aren’t and feel like a lie because they contradict your own sense of intelligence.

Place stepping stones to bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be.

Right now, saying “I’m a millionaire” would be too big of a step for me.

Affirmations that feel good:

  • I allow abundance into my life, more and more each day.
  • I enjoy allowing money into my experience
  • I effortlessly allow money and abundance into my life
  • I love myself and am proud of myself for consciously changing my beliefs

8. Without immediately taking inventory of your reality (out of distrust of the process), simply give your self some time to let the new beliefs take root and ALLOW your reality to change.

Whew! Instead of tapping my watch saying “Ok…I did the exercise. Now where’s the money at!?” I’m going to enjoy NOT worrying about money!

My Review / Experience

I had a difficult time getting into the momentum of this at first. Why? Probably because confronting these beliefs is something I’ve subconsciously been terrified of.

I’ve been holding myself back in many ways, my entire life. As I began to expand my reality, to take responsibility and power back into my life, that need for control set up shop in my beliefs about money and didn’t want to budge. Once I got to step six, though, I started feeling really good. This part builds up evidence for the beneficial belief we’d prefer to hold.

I plan on writing down the affirmations somewhere where I will see them often.
I feel really good for tackling this step, because I was initially very daunted by it. It seemed time-consuming, loaded, and annoyingly specific. Now, though, I just feel grateful it led me through all the cobwebbed corners I needed to explore.

I know that I may still worry about money, but the beauty of this exercise is I now have evidence to support my new, beneficial belief. If I worry about money, an old knee-jerk reaction, I can take that opportunity to remind myself of the new pathway I’m paving. Woo!!

Daily Grateful: Check in the mail!

This Daily Grateful is kind of adorable and ridiculous. I just received a check from a utility company in Minneapolis for $1.28. Haha seriously?? I’ll take it! 🙂

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Money Manifestation Challenge Step 2 – Visualize


Hey all! Welcome back.

We’re on Step 2 of the 12 Step Money Manifestation Challenge. Click the link below for more info and/or visit the About section for this blog.

Skip to 6:25 in the video to listen to step 2.

Step 2. Visualize what you want, why you want it and what you’ll do with it.

  • Get specific – Teal suggests we add elaborate, mundane detail to these visualizations to make them feel “real”. If you imagine buying a house, walk through all the rooms, see the outside, smell the smells, use all your senses to engage in the experience. The more specific you get, the more you align with this visualization to create your reality of it.
  • Make it believable – Pick something that you resonate with, something that feels believable, not an amount of money or thing that feels so outraegous that you think “There’s no way I could have that…”
  • Explore the why – Why do you want these things? With money, it’s so often implied that – of course we want it! The “why” doesn’t always surface. Ask yourself how this “why” connects to your sense of happiness.

My Experience / Review

The visualization was a struggle for me at first; I was surprised at the muddled mess of desires in my brain. I thought I’d easily conjure a specific list of things to focus on but my mind felt overloaded and wanted to give up immediately like a toddler throwing a tantrum. After sloshing through multiple, scattered, vague ideas at once, I decided I needed to center. I focused my breathing and did a short meditation before starting again. My brain kept wanting to “get it right” and I found it difficult to relax into the fun aspect of the visualization.

This is super normal. Your mind is going to want to throw in the towel, give up, say it’s all a bust. It’s ok. You’re the parent. Take a deep breath and continue on.

I tend to be a more verbal than visual person. To ease into this exercise, I focused on how it would feel to have the money and/or things I wanted. I focused on feeling safe, free, and empowered. I then asked “What would help me feel that way?” and continued with the visualization from there.

The “Challenge” aspect of this really hit me yesterday. I used to feel like anything involving money manifestation was a ridiculous scam. I’ve embraced the truth of creating my own reality but have been so hesitant to do so with money. In the past, I approached money as being entirely practical, in its own little reality sphere, untouched by spiritual practices. It wasn’t fully integrated into the rest of my life. The driving force behind this Challenge is to explore why that is, and to merge the two.

Sometimes, doing this Challenge publicly makes me feel ridiculous. I can hear the echoes of my former self making snide comments. I realize that to some I will appear “crazy”. We are often so afraid to play with our own realities, afraid to experiment and at least TRY another way of existence that we so quickly label anything else as delusional or nutty.

Last night, I had a dream that mirrored these anxieties. In the dream, I was constantly upset, crying, feeling overwhelmed. I was still in Minneapolis, about to move. Everyone who saw me was excited for me, wishing me well, and yet I was stuck in my emotionally negative space. I ended up in a shop with a tattoo artist, who quoted me an unbelievably low price, and started on a huge abdomen tattoo. I looked at it when it was done: it was a beautiful alignment of chakras, with four women, all empowered women from history on the four corners. I then saw that this was all contained within a mountain spirit creature, who had craggly, mountain-esque limbs. When I looked at the tattoo, I fell in love with it. It was a transformation of my pain into utter joy, resilience and hope.

As I sifted through this information download this morning, I saw it all come together. I am being challenged right now because amazing things are to come. Because the pain can be transformed into this beautiful, inspiring artwork that hopefully helps others feel a little less alone.

My Daily Grateful: Job Offer!

Without much food for dinner last night, my partner and I picked up something to-go from a busy, local restaurant. When I paid, I asked for a couple dollars back, leaving a 20%+ tip. The host looked up and asked “Where do you work?” I smiled and laughed and she said “No, seriously!” and proceeded to offer me a job at the restaurant. Although I’m not looking for a restaurant job at this time (looking to segue out of that, in fact) I was so grateful for the offer. By the end of the Challenge I’ll be manifesting job offers more in alignment with my current interests. Boo yah!

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