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Who Am I?




I’m Valerie Stanton and I’m into happiness.

I used to be riddled with anxious worries about myself, others, success, work, school.

I have decided that making happiness my priority above all, in listening to it, using it as my internal compass.

I’m currently living in the glorious Virginia countryside with my partner, living like a child. Identifying mushrooms, listening to bird calls, watching spiders weave webs and meeting the occasional person.

Want to learn more about me?

My main wordpress blog: https://therootoftherootblog.wordpress.com/

My YouTube Account: https://www.youtube.com/user/eirelavnotnats


What’s this Blog All About?

Above all, this blog is a place for radical honesty and authenticity.

It is a place to not only to embrace happiness, but to be present – whether it be in sadness, happiness, ecstasy, depression, hope, faith, love…

We are all dynamic, whirling, changing, evolving creatures.

If you are seeking support in your life on your own journey of authenticity, I would be honored and blessed to provide that for you.

Please contact me about my Medicine Woman Tarot Card readings + intuitive writing to support you on your path.