Wrapping up the Divine Feminine Project

by therootoftherootblog



I never meant to abandon this creation. To leave it like a baby in the bull rushes. To slip away in the silence of night, never looking back.

I made this video a while back, about wrapping up the Divine Feminine Project. The thing is… it’s less about wrapping it up, than having it all come together. The Divine Feminine Project is now too much of simply my day to day life. I feel it embodied in me. It’s no longer an abstract concept. It’s no longer something to set time aside for. No longer superimposed, our skeletons are fused. Bone of bone. Flesh of flesh. A woman reborn in the image of her creation.

I feel a deep change in this avatar of mine, this online self. I wish for this to be more of an extension of a being rooted in the physical. I find peace in simple, every day tasks. I long to let any unnecessary distractions slip away. The internet is such a magnificently powerful resource.

I am craving movement in a rooted way. I am feeling the strength of my own being. Of listening to what she needs. Of connecting with my body. Of finding community, freedom, trust and resilience.

I am out here in a beautiful cabin, hauling in firewood. Waking up at 6 am, tending to the dogs, the fire, beginning my day with yoga and meditation. Concentrating on how I am nourishing myself. Learning financial mindfulness, how to live within modest means. I am connecting with such inspiring, beautiful people who get to the core of things. Who care about life far deeper than the surface level. Who want to truly be happy. Who wish to reflect, grow and continue evolving.  


My project has entirely surpassed my vision for it by organically integrating with my being.


Thank you all for joining in with me on this magnificent journey. I have learned so much. I feel parts of my soul that had wandered off, are now more fully integrated. I am finding my strength in my ability to be soft. In the bravery to purr as well as roar. I hope this finds you all well, empowered and continually tuning in to your own Divine Femininity.