Divine Feminine Project – Week 4: Exploring our Sexuality Cont – Nourishing the Sacral Chakra

by therootoftherootblog



Ok, y’all. Let’s get real. I dropped the ball for a minute there, huh? I mean, it’s now almost Friday and I’m just now getting to this. Here is a thing that happens: We miss a “deadline”, or something we told ourselves we’d do. We made some sort of commitment to it. Then, we missed it. We fucked up. It keeps staring us in the face. Maybe we’re still really busy, maybe we’re not, but regardless, sometimes we just stuck in that place of feeling shitty for not upholding our end of the agreement.

That’s what happened here. And it’s no big deal, and I still love myself, but cranking this blog post out has been like pulling teeth. I have been busy, but I’ve also been putting it off. Ok, I feel better just getting that one out there, right off the bat.

Sometimes, I can get overly academic about these things. But the thing is…I’m tackling this stuff as a novice, not as a seasoned teacher. Not as someone who can tell you, oh yes, she has fully and entirely embraced her Divine Feminine. I’m working on it, like all of you.

*Shakes it out*

Last week I set out to explore sensuality and sexuality.

The sensuality aspect? Awesome. I did abhyanga oil massage each day, I paid special attention to the food I ate, I wore essential oils each day, I redecorated my room. The room redecorating, while minor, was big. It felt awesome. I have had a huge block over doing that, and finally doing it was like smashing through a big wall and seeing to the other side.

The sexuality aspect? Well, I am taking Viktoriya Kosta‘s course on Healing the Sacral Chakra. It just so happens that last week was all about taking a pause from sexual habits and patterns, to enjoy sensuality without having to “take it somewhere”. So, I did what felt right and stuck with that.

I am now working on activating my sacral chakra more and more intentionally. Watch my video for ideas on how to do this for yourself and I’ll list the things I am doing every day below:

-Abhyanga oil massage

-Carrying around / sleeping with an orange Carnelian stone under my pillow

-Drinking Yogi Tea’s Woman’s Energy Dong Quai tea in the morning instead of a caffeinated beverage

-Using DoTerra’s Women’s Monthly Blend ClaryCalm (Contact me if you’re interested in joining the DoTerra tribe & getting $ off your orders!)

-Pulling a Medicine Woman Tarot card each day to reflect on

-Movement meditation & yoga

So…I know the week is almost over. I’m going to keep on with these practices into next week, and will be doing another blog post next week expanding into exploring sexuality in a sacred way.

Divine Shakti energy, bring healing energy to infuse and emanate through my sacral chakra. I allow myself to open and heal, to allow divine love and creativity to blossom through me. A-Women!

Watch my youtube video here to learn more about my journey this past week.