Divine Feminine Project – Week 3: Exploring Our Sensuality

by therootoftherootblog


Welcome, glorious co-creators, magnificent beings, sacred supporters of the divine feminine!

Week 2 of the Divine Feminine Project was full of exploring creation in my life. I danced and wrote, often free writing, allowing expression without (too much) judgment. As the week wore on, I encountered what felt like vicious blocks to my creation. I felt old self-judgments and patterns rear. As I faced my demons, I remembered this: Above all, we are to be true to ourselves, to allow our worlds to expand, rather than contract.

I’m going to be honest: This week, I didn’t keep up my creative bargain with myself perfectly. I did not dance and / or write every day. A few days I woke up later than usual, with a head ache, congestion, feeling worried and weighed down. Rather than forcing myself into something just for the sake of completion, I practiced compassion. I worked on loving myself. Why force myself to dance if what I needed then was sleep?

I also expanded my ideas of creativity. We are constantly creating our reality, everything around us. What are things we do, often mindlessly, out of habit? These things are crying out for the magic of attention, the alchemy that happens when a little love is given. I recognized that although making food is such a basic function, it is an art! It’s something we can easily put thought, love and attention into.

Last night I attended a women’s Red Tent meeting in my area. I encourage all of you to look these up and see if there’s one in your area. If there’s not, why not start one? Even a small one, with a few friends coming together to honor one another.

Alright, so…deep breath… We’re moving on to Week Three! I celebrate each and every one of you. Even if so far, you’ve only thought about the divine feminine. Maybe you’ve changed one thing. Anything and everything is celebrated in this sacred circle! We honor and celebrate your beauty and your work.

Week Three: Exploring Our Sensuality. At about 14:30 of her Awakening the Divine Feminine video, Teal talks about how the very essence of divine feminine is beauty incarnate and the importance of beautifying our surroundings. She suggests not only decorating our spaces, but taking bubble baths, using fragrances we like…anything that connects us to existence on that level that transcends the mere utilitarian.

Teal also talks about exploring sexuality, that we need to find sexual pleasure within ourselves. She recommends the book “Getting Off” by Jamye Waxman for any of us who may need some guidance in this area.

Let’s start with some questions to explore these topics:

1. How can I allow more beauty into my life?

  • How do I create beauty in the space around me? Is it time to redecorate to reflect this more fully?
  • How do I reflect beauty in the clothes, fragrances, hairstyles, etc. that I wear? When I do these things, what is my intention?

2. How can I begin to explore my own sexuality?

  • What are my attitudes to my own sexuality / sexual pleasure? Where do these originate? How would I like these to change?
  • How can I embrace and nourish my sexual self?

This week I will begin by a free write on these topics, allowing everything and anything to come up without judgment. If this is the first time you’re working with these topics, just remember: there’s no pressure. Simply allowing these themes to soften you, open you up, to move you, is such an exciting step in and of itself. Celebrate your openness to even think about these things!

You might begin by incorporating these themes into every day activities: If you’re cooking a meal, how might you enjoy it sensually? If you’re smelling a flower, allow yourself to be fully present and enjoy that medicine the flower gives you. Pay attention to textures, scents, tastes, sounds. Allow your senses to engage you in the magic of the world around you.

Watch my youtube video to hear more on my thoughts on this week’s focus.

Beautiful goddess, shakti essence, imbue me with your divine sensuality. Allow me to embrace the magic in all of my senses. Empower me to own my creative, sexual energy, to connect with my power here on this physical realm. A-women!