Divine Feminine Project – Week 2: Creative Expression

by therootoftherootblog


Photo by Elena Stanton Photography

Divine Mother, thank you for cradling me in the womb of your loving energy. Thank you for drawing tribe and community around me. Thank you for allowing me to create safe and sacred space wherever I am. Thank you for your love.

Oh, beautiful tribe. I love you so. For anyone reading this who would like to be surrounded with loving light energy of the divine feminine, add me on facebook and ask to be added to our facebook group. We welcome you with open arms!

And so. Week one was a gathering of spirits, a quiet and hallowed place to rest and renew. To gestate and receive nourishment and energy from the divine mother. We felt the warmth of those gathered around us, holding space for our deepest dreams. From this place, I have been experimenting with expression. Screaming into a pillow. Dancing around wildly. Sitting quietly and simply allowing. I used to feel so stuck. So locked up inside of myself. When I feel that now, I wonder, how am I constricting that divine energy flow? What can I do to turn it back on, to begin allowing again?

Last night my deep, inner knowing told me, clearly and gently “You are a writer. You are a poet. Embrace this joy and purpose.” I felt so enthralled, infused with a burst of energy that I could not sleep. And so the quiet moves into a space of movement. A yawn and stretch, a testing of limbs kept stiff and tense for so long.

We may now feel the gentle stir of our inner selves, our sense of knowing, ready to move, create, sway, undulate, to connect and expand! We move on to week two, taking that safe space, that sacred circle with us, wherever we go. Unfurling it, spreading it out like a picnic blanket before us, welcoming everyone to join in the feast.

In her How to Awaken the Divine Feminine video, ten minutes in, Teal speaks of creativity. If you feel you need some guidance, she recommends the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron.  

I’ve been asking myself the question “What creative things did I love to do as a kid?”

I used to dance. Sing. Write poetry. Draw. Act. Make up stories and get lost in them.

This week, my priority is in expression, in creativity. In opening myself to ALLOW goddess energy, divine feminine energy, to move through me. This is no longer about the ego. This is not about getting it done, forcing it, pushing through, making it work. This is about allowing, opening and receiving all that we need, in any given moment, at any given time.

Every day this week I will dance and write. I will allow that balance, of sitting quietly with focused energy and the movement, freeing the mind from any restrictions, flowing openly.

And I pose the question to you, my beautiful tribe:

What can I do to allow creativity energy into my life?

How can I play, experiment, open up, express myself?

And in the midst of this, we think of community. Of gathering together. Of widening the circle, inviting both women and men to share in these experiences together.


PS click here to watch my youtube video on this topic. Namaste!