Divine Feminine Project- Week 1: Creating Safe Space

by therootoftherootblog


(Photo by Elena Stanton Photography)

Great Goddess, I call upon your divine presence. Allow me to embrace my power and wisdom. Allow me to see my own beauty and magnificence reflected back to me in every atom of this universe. Allow me to ebb and flow, to move and be moved, to heed the call of intuition. A-women.

I am so thrilled that so many wonderful women and men are interested in honoring this beautiful divine feminine energy! I feel truly surrounded by my tribe. Thank you, to each and every one of you. I’d love to reiterate that if you read this at any time and want to join in, please add me on facebook and I will invite you to a group on there specifically created to support one another.

My intent for this first week is to plant seeds. To sit quietly with intention and reflection and see where spirit guides me. To create a safe space and community of support.

The very evening the ball started rolling on this project, I started my moon cycle. As I mention in my video, it is a very powerful time for me. I feel deeply rooted in my divine feminine energy. My body draws boundaries that I don’t always feel powerful enough to. She demands respect, time alone, whatever it may be. She has the power to decide and the power to change her mind.

Since beginning this, I have felt so called to tune in to my body. To bow before her. To give her exactly what she asks for. This cycle has been an especially intense one for me. I’ve felt especially tired, achy, with much stronger cramps than usual. I generally wake up early, but on my moon cycle, my body demands sleep. Yesterday, I woke up later, received the wonderful gift of my partner bringing me raspberry leaf tea with honey in bed, and took care of myself. I watched youtube videos that inspired me, that centered me, that reminded me of the power of creating my own reality. Everything felt magical and inspired.

We went to lunch and I felt such immense gratitude for it all, for everything. The long drive there down winding, mountain roads, showcasing the flickering leaves in shades of reds, oranges and yellows. We snaked through farm land, little towns and into Roanoke, VA, a place I haven’t spent much time yet, but I feel called to. We let our intuition lead us to a restaurant with amazingly delicious food. We took the Blue Ridge Parkway home, and I was tickled by all the smallest things. My abdomen felt heavy and crampy and just as I said I’d love to have some pj pants to change into…I happened to spot some in the backseat! It’s moments like these you get to choose that either your life is mundane or magical. Mine is magical. And so are those pj pants!

We arrived home and there was a letter waiting for mefrom a previous employer. It says they have a record of an uncashed check from three years ago and if I have a notary sign a document they sent, they will reissue the check to me.

Oh, universe. I am beyond madly in love with you.

And in that moment, it didn’t even feel super shocking. It felt like “Oh, of course!”. Of course the divine mother provides for me. Of course I am supported. Of course, when I follow my highest joy, everything falls into place.

Sometimes, our days don’t feel like this. We know we’re loved and supported, but we don’t feel it. We feel so disconnected from it. And that’s ok. That is the importance of tribe, of community, for me. We don’t all need to be perfect, or feel perfect all the time. There is always, always, always exactly what we need for us in that moment. There is no shortage of love and understanding. It’s simply what we allow in.


Divine Mother, please bless me with the gift of your Allowance. Help me to allow it all, to let it all in, and let it all go. A-women.

To connect further with the Divine Feminine, we may all ask: How, in this moment, can I open up to allowing?