Divine Feminine Project – Week 1: Creating the Sacred Circle (Inspired by Teal Scott)

by therootoftherootblog


(Frequency Painting by Teal Scott – Feminine Interconnectedness)


Welcome beautiful beings, divine goddesses, magnificent manifesters!


Today we set the intention of creating & entering the sacred circle, to awaken the divine feminine within us all. She is ready to stir and wake, stretching her limbs in graceful movements, embracing her power and moving through her fears.


Are you interested in joining other women on this awakening journey? If so, add me on facebook and I will add you to a closed group – none of your posts in that group will be seen outside of it – where we can come together. There we can create a place to share our reflections, inspirations, challenges, and community.


Don’t have a facebook? Follow my blog and comment here or on my youtube channel – I will be posting many videos in conjunction with these blog posts. Leave links to your own projects and inspirations.


Our journeys are all unique – I have had much resistance in the past to embracing my powerful divine feminine. For me, this first week is all about creating safe space, about reflection, about mindfulness, understanding what I’m resistance to and why. This week I will be celebrating Divine Feminine by :


  • Inviting Divine Feminine / The Goddess to move in my life, each day. That she may move within me, guiding my actions, giving me courage and strength to step into my power. That she may nourish and nurture me. That she may flood me with unconditional love and guidance. How can I best serve Divine Feminine / The Great Goddess today?
  • Taking time each day to put love and respect into my physical expression. To set some time aside to consciously choose which clothes to adorn my body with, which essential oils to use, which meals will best nourish me, what I wish to put my attention to.
  • Reflect on my relationship to the traditional female gender roles. In Teal Scott’s video How to Awaken the Divine Feminine, at 4:51, she speaks of this exercise. We can start by listing out traditional female gender roles. Next, we ask the following questions:


-Do we do them because we love them or because we feel we must to be accepted?


-Does the answer we receive come from a good emotional space or negative emotional space?


These questions may bring up deep emotions, anger, resistance, frustration, joy, the entire spectrum of emotion. Here in our sacred space, we may express ourselves. I plan to do a LOT of expression writing – nonjudgmental writing devoted to expression, whatever it may be. I also plan on identifying beliefs that no longer serve me, and work on changing them.

Thank you sisters, for joining with me!! Let the healing begin 🙂


 Watch my youtube video here for more on this first week of the project.