Divine Feminine Project – Hey Laaaaadies!

by therootoftherootblog


Welcome, beautiful beings!

It’s been a while since I completed the Money Manifestation Challenge, but I’ve still been busy. Check out my other blog, The Root of the Root, for the projects and musings I’ve been up to over there.

And so. Here are are. Ready, as always, for more expansion, growth, to take the deliberate action and steps to allow in more abundance and freedom with every day.

I invite you, sisters & brothers, with open arms, to step into this sacred circle, to join me on this upcoming journey –

The Divine Feminine Project.

What: Divine Feminine Project. Teal Scott has a magnificent video on the divine feminine wherein she details ways to awaken the divine feminine in us. This is the next project here at The Happiness Review – all are welcome to join in!

Why: I am feeling called to embrace my authentic power, rooted deeply in the divine feminine. I am feeling called to gather together in a beautiful tribe of women, men and anyone who wishes to support and respect the divine feminine in us all.

Where: Here! I’ll be posting here on The Happiness Review, along with my Youtube channel.

When: I will be officially starting the project on Monday, October 7th. You’re welcome to join in with me or go at your own pace, whenever you feel called to.

How: I will be blogging and posting videos on my youtube channel. How would you like to explore your own divine femininity? Contact me if you’re interested in joining in and I can create a facebook page centered around sharing in these experiences.

To my soul brothers – Thank you for reading this! This exploration of divine femininity is not an exclusion of the divine masculine – far from it. We appreciate your love and support, your respect and honor. We in turn honor you. We invite you to create your own sacred space, to explore Teal’s video on Divine Masculine or to take this time to honor the beautiful women in your life, to bless their essence and power.

Watch my youtube video on The Divine Feminine Project here and share with others as we open ourselves up to support, love and healing.

Watch Teal’s video on Awakening the Divine Feminine to delve into the journey with me!