Money Manifestation Step 12 – Shift Your Perspective (Last one!!)

by therootoftherootblog


(Photo by the wonderful Elena Stanton)

Hey everyone, welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott.

Could it be…are we finally on the LAST step? Why yes, yes we are. So, let’s do this.

(Click HERE if you wanna know what the challenge is and how to get involved!)

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out; Skip to 22:00 for Step twelve.

“12. Shift all of your attitudes towards safety/security. Don’t treat money as if it is the thing separating you from disaster or not being safe. Instead, treat thoughts of lack of safety like they are the things separating you from disaster and not being safe. You want to focus on visualizing what safety and security would feel like and also on shifting your beliefs about all aspects of your life where you feel powerless. This will ensure that money will not be influenced by your focus on fear, disaster or powerlessness.”

 Teal explains how hoarding money will attract lack of money. Rather, we are to focus on the feeling security and safety we desire. Only once we feel in alignment with this do we take inspired action from that focus.

Loving yourself is at the core of everything, and this step is no exception. Money isn’t what’s saving you from disaster; your own thoughts are. If you’re able to foster positive thinking, knowing that that’s what attracts abundance into your life, money may even become less and less important.

 My Review / Experience

 Teal says “We all need to stop facing reality. We need to start CREATING reality.”

That is so helpful to me. Whenever I get more deeply into money manifestation, I think “Ok, but I can only take it SO far. I need to be realistic.” Nope! I am creating my own reality. Would I rather take on recycled, inherited beliefs or create my own? Through this challenge I am consciously creating my reality, rather than being a victim to outdated beliefs.

I’m working on loving myself, taking care of myself, and trusting that everything with align exactly as it needs to. I just need to focus on myself.

Watch my youtube video to hear more on this final step.

THANK YOU ALL for reading this! Thank you Teal for inspiring me!

This has been an awesome, transformational journey. I am so grateful for all your love and support and I’m excited to begin another exercise soon.