Money Manifestation Challenge Step 11 – Virtual Spending Spree

by therootoftherootblog


Hey all! I’m back from the amazing Floyd Yoga Jam in Floyd, VA. This past weekend I got the chance to meet amazing people, do all kinds of yoga, practice mindfulness, sing kirtan, eat delicious food and camp out under the stars. I had an awesome time and am feeling completely catalyzed to step more into my power and open my heart to new opportunities.

So, back to business. We’re on Step 11 of the Money Manifestation Challenge. If you need info on what that is, click here! I was originally inspired by Teal Scott’s video on How to Manifest Money and I encourage everyone to try out the steps, too! It’s been a transformational experience for me, and I’ve still got one last step to go.

Click here for Teal’s video + article with all the steps written out.

Skip to 20:08 for Step 11

11. Engage in a virtual spending spree.

 Teal suggests using this Abraham-Hicks tool: When you get paid, reserve a certain amount of money. Set aside whatever amount feels good to you and spend it all day long, mentally. The crux of the exercise is that, in this exercise, the money is never depleted. You can spend it endlessly. Focus on the idea that the bill is immediately replaced after spending it. This is a helpful way to relax when you think about spending money, rather than clinging onto it. Start with an amount of money you feel comfortable with, then progressively amp it up. Gently stretch yourself…this is a challenge, after all! 😉

My Experience / Review

Ok, I must admit, I was a little resistant to this one at first. But why, you ask? Isn’t this another fun visualization? Yep, sure is! Buuut you see, I’m not quite receiving pay checks at the moment. Recently I’ve finally begun to relax and share the abundance monetarily with things I am aligned with. For the first time I’ve felt really good about it. For a moment I thought…erk, should I be spending gleefully (albeit responsibly) without an income? Should I return to my money-hoarding, penny-pinching ways?

Then I shook it off and got my hands dirty.

When I was a waitress, I always had cash around. Now that I’m not, however, I do not. So for now, I simply chose an imaginary bill to use in my spending spree.

First, I made a list of what I’d like to spend my money on.

A question I asked myself was: What would I like to focus my energy on?

You know how sometimes you go shopping for one specific thing, and somehow you come out of the store with all these great deals that seemed too good to pass up, but now you’re wondering why you have them? (Whew that was one long sentence.)

Instead of cluttering my life, I want to use focus to help me zone in what I truly want, and release anything I no longer need or wish to put my attention to.

Making a list helped clarify what I’d actually like, so I didn’t get lost on the internet, throwing my virtual money around aimlessly.

This exercise is meant to be done continually, but so far I’m enjoying it, largely because it once again helps me re-focus on what I want to put my energy towards. The more I focus on these things, the more they feel available and abundant to me.

So…give it a shot! And let me know how it goes 🙂

Watch my video on step 11 to hear more about this experience and my initial resistance to it.