Money Manifestation Challenge Step 10 – Money Magnet

by therootoftherootblog


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge.

Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already, or click here to watch the video that accompanies step 10. Join in with me at any time! Today we’re on step 10! Yeehaw. Another visualization. So, let’s get down to it.

Click here for Teal Scott’s video + article with all the steps written out.
skip to 19:18 for step 10

10. Take time to visualize that you are a magnet who breathes money to you.
Teal instructs to:
-Begin by watching breath
-Visualize yourself as money magnet
-As you inhale, money flows in, sticking to you
-As you collect the money, imagine what you’re going to do with it

This is a way to promote the idea of money flowing into your experience, without needing the “how”. You can simply relax, breathe, and attract the money to you. You trust that each inhalation brings what you need, and with your exhalation you send that energy out into the world. Trust that exchange, that flow.

My Review / Experience

Ohh, this one’s fun! I feel that this exercise is extremely self-loving. In order to help clarify, this exercise, I broke it down into a few steps. This is just works for me; adjust as need be for yourself!

  • Write it down – Before I began the visualization, I jotted down things I’d like to spend my money on. I got specific. Many of these things were experiences or items I had already focused on in step 2.
  • Include Monetary Value – This time, along with writing down what I wanted, I also wrote a general number figure attached to it. I used to feel really anxious thinking about anything I wanted that cost a lot of money. It send me into a “I can’t afford that!” mode. Having fun with money was a foreign concept. In order to break down those barriers, I wrote down specific money amounts to guide me through the visualization.

As I went through the visualization, I practiced focusing on the inhalation and exhalation guiding the experience. As I inhaled, money flowed to me. As I exhaled, I freely circulated this money energy to what I desired to focus on.

Note: I mention this in my step 10 video, but today is the last day to sign up for Cora Flora‘s Heart Money Magic course! It’s an 8 week online course to create harmony and peace with money and spirituality. If you want to connect with some community while doing a guided course, this may be an awesome opportunity for you. I’ll share my experiences with it as well, so you can get a peek into what it’s like.

Daily Grateful: Worry-free Spending

I have not always enjoyed spending money. In fact, this challenge was born out of a grocery shopping experience in which I felt paranoid about something as simple as spending money on food. I had plenty of money in the bank and yet, always associated worrying with being responsible with my money.

Over the past several days, I let money flow. I released it out of my experience, trusting that it’s a fluid connection, that it’ll flow back to me when I need it. I was able to buy things that nourish my soul, while supporting people and ideas that I couldn’t be more excited about. I am experience what alignment in spending feels like.

If you’re a mega-worrier reading this, and can’t imagine spending large chunks of money, worry-free, just know that less than a month ago, I was in your exact shoes. I was fretting about spending money on anything, even little things. You are creating your own reality! You are the one who can allow abundance and relaxation to flow into your experience, effortlessly. You are the master who makes the grass green.

Watch the video below for more of my experience with this step: