Money Manifestation Challenge Step 8 & 9 – Limitless Abundance

by therootoftherootblog


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge. Read more about what that is here and catch up with the other steps we’ve done already. Join in with me at any time!

I was away on a camping trip for a few days and I’m back, ready to dive into the challenge. Today we’re tackling 8 and 9. (Click here to jump to the video I made for 8 & 9.)  Why both steps in one post? Actually, I accidentally lumped step 8 in with step 7 already!

In the video, Teal announces the step number before delving into each one, but forgot to do so with step 8. Oops. Ok, enough of that confusion. Let’s do a quick review of what step 8 is and then we’ll move on to 9.

Click here for Teal’s video + article on money manifestation steps.
Skip to 15:53 for Step 8

8. Take any step which will help you to release resistance relative to money. This is individual, for example, for some that may mean creating a budget, for others it may mean saving.

Skip to 17:10 of Teal’s video for step 9.

9. Take note of EVERY form of abundance which is flowing into your experience no matter how small or large. And don’t take inventory (focus on where you aren’t yet) instead trust the universe to deliver exactly what you ask for. The law of the land is Ask and it is given.
⦁    Appreciate all measure of abundance. – It’s tempting to scoff at pennies, but if pennies are coming to you, appreciate them for the abundance they are! We think of pennies as nearly valueless, but what happens if you keep a coin jar and fill it up? I’ve done this in the past before with a “travel fund” jar and gotten awesome results. It’s essentially like finding $30 on the street.

⦁    Appreciate all TYPES of abundance. – Abundance is not limited to dollars and coins. Do you have an abundance of books that make you feel good and raise your vibration? Delicious food to make nutritious meals? Water to take a cleansing shower? Fresh air to breathe in? Trees, grass, clouds? Try going through a day in your life, mentally, and type out various forms of abundance you experience through out it. You may be surprised at how blessed and wealthy you feel.

*Note: When you do this, you may feel unexpectedly guilty or ashamed at your own abundance. In the past, I used excuses for why I wasn’t “better”. ex. I don’t have enough money, I’m not talented enough, not enough time, not enough attention. When you focus on your abundance, and feel empowered, you may feel intimidated by your lack of excuses holding you back. That’s ok! That’s your old programming. Give yourself a lot of love and just keep focusing on gratitude.

⦁    Stay in the moment of appreciation. – Teal tells us not to take inventory. If you hop up from doing a money visualization, wondering why money hasn’t come to you yet, and start fussing about it, check yoself! That’s just going to get you stuck in a worry loop. Remember to relax and enjoy the process for the sake of relaxation and enjoyment. Remember: interest in money is rooted in your interest in happiness. If you continue to exist in a state of happiness and enjoyment, it will all flow. No need to try to force it!

*Note: I admit, I have taken inventory. Starting this blog was a vulnerable, yet empowering experience for me. I’ve been grateful for each and every person who reads, watches my videos, comments, likes them, etc. Yet, if a video or blog post got very few views I’d think “What did I do wrong?”. In my effort to please people, I’d start to lose sight of the real goal. I’d take inventory by checking my views and using THAT as a measure of my success. This is a powerful step to gently flow back to the original intention, and to keep focusing on the gratitude. So THANK YOU all for your love and support. I appreciate it endlessly.

Daily Grateful: Camping Abundance
I just went camping for several days. I went hiking, canoeing, ate delicious food and hung out with some awesome people. I haven’t been canoeing in years and the abundance of having a canoe to use, a place to use it, transportation for it, and my partner’s knowledge on how to put all those elements together…magical. I am doing and learning so many of the things I’ve wanted to for so long. I am so blessed.

Thank you, everyone who visits my blogs and my youtube channel. My intention is for all of us to become happier, more empowered and grateful with each day. Please use my YouTube channel and this blog as a means to promote your own! If you connect with what you see and read, add my channel and we’ll keep growing our support systems with one another.

Much love to you all!