Money Manifestation Challenge Step 7 – You Deserve It

by therootoftherootblog

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Steps 1 through 6.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 14:35 in the video for step 7.

7. Re-frame your life from one of earning/effort to deserving.

In learning to truly love yourself, you take the stance of deserving. No hoops to jump through, no skills to perfect. You are perfect just the way you are. Deserving just as you are. Otherwise, you’ll only allow money in through punishment, through effort, through “hard work”.

Teal says – “Releasing resistance is confusing to explain –  Holding resistance means you’re focused on the thing you have resistance to.” In order to release that resistance, you need to start where you are and take steps that feel good to you in this moment.

This may look like:

  • Creating a budget
  • Cutting unnecessary expenses

Being self-loving doesn’t mean pushing yourself into new beliefs, it’s about gently leading yourself there. If you don’t yet believe in your own abundance, that money can flow into your experience, what will feel self loving in regards to money? You can support yourself by setting up stepping stones, like the examples above, to help you feel more abundant and positive about money.

My Review / Experience

The key here for me is self-love.

It’s easy to get caught up in doing things right. In completing this challenge and then moving on. The absolute center and focus of all of these exercises, however, is love! Teal has a video called Self Love – The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment.

This is a helpful video to watch if you’re getting bogged down by rules and steps, or if you’re losing focus on self-love being the root of it all.

My resolution with this step is to ask myself “How can I love myself? What would someone who loved themself do?” when I feel unclear with my finances. I want to shift the focus to love rather than focusing on what I perceive to be logical – that which is limited and often unpleasant.

Daily Grateful: Abundance in Nature

The area of Virginia I’m in, in the mountains, is breath taking. Just driving into town, on curvy roads, past fields, through forest, past farms and homes, is beautiful. Being in a new place can be challenging. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I can so easily access nature. As soon as I do, I feel replenished, centered and in tune with myself and a higher source.

Interested in my experiences completing this challenge? Watch my YouTube video and the others on my channel to get up to speed 🙂