Money Manifestation Challenge Step 6 – Follow the White Rabbit

by therootoftherootblog


Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge, inspired by Spiritual Catalyst Teal Scott. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.

Skip to 12:15 for step 6

6. “Follow the white rabbit”. Set forth an intention and let the opportunities show up for you in the shape of synchronicities and unexpected coincidences and then act on inspired action.

Teal says “Don’t take action steps to make up for what you lack in focus.” This means if you do no work to change your focus and attitude toward money, there’s no action in the world that could jolt you into alignment.

Take only inspired action. It will feel good, not like effort. Things will “fall into your lap” in the form of synchronicities, etc. even if you can’t immediately see the big picture.

My Experience / Review

This blog was actually an exercise in following the white rabbit! There were synchronistic steps that I followed that led to this inspiration. I still feel unable to see the big picture and yet I’m loosening my grip on that more every day. For whatever reason, working on this doesn’t feel like work, it feels fun. It feels like an awesome expression of my own personal exploration. It keeps me motivated, accountable and helps me synthesize information I’ve always wanted to focus on. I have no doubt the more I follow this white rabbit, more and more things will come into focus for me.

Ways to get in tune with synchronicities:

  • Pay attention to repeating themes in your life. Keep looking at the clock at 11:11? Keep seeing a certain symbol or color everywhere? Maybe the same word or you keep getting change back in strange amounts? Pay attention to these. Keep your senses open.
  • Don’t wear out the “coincidence” card. Don’t buy into the idea that reality has to be boring and mundane. What’s unrealistic about life being interesting? When I happen upon an animal, I can choose to think “whatever” and pass by it or to view it as animal spirit medicine and see what gifts and wisdom it has for me.
  • Listen to things that “pop” into your head. Be gentle with yourself, rather than shooting down ideas right away. I had the idea for this blog, but immediately wanted to shoot it down with a whole host of reasons rooted in fear and insecurity. Eventually, however, I trusted my inner voice and I feel that transformation is inevitable in conducting this experiment.
  • Get out in nature! Just this morning, I was feeling the weight of my own expectations. Being free of strict obligations is incredibly freeing and yet you start to noticing the limitations you impose on yourself. The shadow work aspect of this can be overwhelming. I took a hike and it entirely transformed my day into something magical, inspiring and beautiful.
  • Ask your spirit guides for assistance. There are countless beings conspiring to shower you with blessings, you simply need to allow them in! A good way to get in touch with them is by doing a journey or guided meditation. I’ve used this guided meditation and found it extremely helpful on Charis Melina Brown’s YouTube channel .

Daily Grateful: Money in da Mail!

I received my last work check today in the mail. I thought I’d already received my final one so I feel grateful and excited to have more money flowing in.

Intrigued by this money challenge? Wondering whether it’d be worth undertaking one yourself? Check out my YouTube video for step 6 and browse the other videos on my channel. Leave a comment here if you decide to take part in the challenge!