Money Manifestation Challenge Step 4 – Spending

by therootoftherootblog


(ok, please tell me you love the stock photo as much as I do?)

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge. Wanna know what that is? Check out the original blog post and catch up reading Step 1, 2, and 3!

To follow along, here’s Teal Scott’s video + article with the 12 steps written out.
Skip to 10:19 of the video for step 4.

4. When you have to spend money, think your way into it feeling good to spend that money. No buyer’s remorse, no guilt, no focus on lack or loss.

This step doesn’t require too much explanation; it’s a speedy one. Try this one out any time you spend any money. Whether it’s filling your car up with gas, buying groceries, paying bills, etc. (Don’t worry if the “paying bills” one seems too convoluted. There’s another step set aside for that one alone.)

My Experience / Review

Perfect. This step fell on the day of a big co-op shopping haul. This is when I noticed how worrying is such an ingrained habit in me. Something most people who know me know about me: I love food. I love good, healthy, real food. There are few things I’m as enthusiastic to spend my money on. I like to prioritize organic, fresh food over something cheaper.

Despite going into this shopping trip intentionally focused on aligning with how I was spending the money, I still felt myself slip back into old habits. I can get focused on doing things “right” when there are others around. When I shop at the co-op, I really enjoy myself. I browse. I take forever. I look at every little thing, because I’m having fun. (I don’t expect anyone else to share this approach, haha!)

Since my boyfriend was with me (who is endlessly supportive, by the way, and very patient with me) I started to click into my “pleasing others” mode. Of course, all this does is make me worried I’m upsetting the other person, which makes me worry more, stress more, and be less fun to be around. I was able to bring my focus back to enjoyment and alignment, but I’m not gonna be proclaiming my absolute perfection from the mountain tops anytime soon.

Something I am taking away from this experience:

  • It is ALWAYS worth it, to me, to spend my money, ie. invest my energy, into good, nutritious food. No feeling guilty, no worrying. Just going for it.
  • These steps aren’t about “getting it right”. They’re about changing perspective; they are essentially a practice in mindfulness. In first setting the intention, then witnessing the process. I don’t expect myself to be perfect. I do expect myself to keep trying my best with whatever I have, in this current moment.

Daily Grateful: Co-op!!

There is something that makes me feel so at home when I step foot into a natural health / co-op type store. I grew up tagging along when my mom went to them, so they have that special place in my heart, I suppose. Since leaving Minneapolis, I’d been missing mine already! My boyfriend took me on a little tour of the ones in the area  and I was completely geeking out. We ended up getting so much good food and I am SO excited to make some awesome, healthy recipes! Hooray!

Watch my video on step 4 for more detail on how spending money stirred up triggered old habits and how I dealt with it.