Money Manifestation Challenge Step 3 – Root it Out!

by therootoftherootblog


Hey all! Welcome back to the Money Manifestation Challenge.

Wondering what that is? Check out this blog post and the video with it.

Today we are on Step 3. Click on the link below to see Teal Scott’s video on the topic + all the steps written out. Skip to 8:28 of the video for step 3.

3. Root out and replace your limiting beliefs relative to money. Get a positive association with money.

Teal notes that the frequency of our desire and our belief need to align.  Even if we desire money, a mismatched frequency from an outdated belief can hold us back.

Sounds like we’ve got some work ahead of us, eh?

Luckily, however, Teal has also made a video called How to Change a Belief in which she gives us 8 steps. So, grab a pen and paper and first, brainstorm. Make a list with as many beliefs about money as possible. Don’t edit or analyze them right now; simply get them all down on paper.

Ok, now we can move on to Teal’s 8 steps to change a belief. This may seem like a lot of work, but we’ve often carried our beliefs about money around since a very early age. Years of reinforcing detrminental beliefs may take some determined weeding and gentle planting of  new, positive beliefs. I have tried glossing over the negative beliefs with positive affirmations, but found that the roots were still there. This time I’m looking to uproot; let’s do this!

Click on the link below to watch Teal’s video on How to Change a Belief

I’m putting an example from my experience completing this exercise into italics, so you can see what this process might look like.

1. Identify the belief.

In identifying the belief, we take a step outside of ourselves and view it as something outside of us rather than something we’re tethered to.

Ex: Worrying about money means I’m being financially responsible.

2. Decide if the belief is beneficial or detrimental to you.
Teal says to stop working with true and false. Work with beneficial or detrimental.

Keeping this belief is detrimental to me. It keeps me in a victim mindset, it keeps me at odds with the belief that I create my own reality, which is highly beneficial.

3. Decide what you would rather believe instead.

Turn the detrimental, limiting beliefs around into helpful, expansive beliefs.

I’d rather believe: Not worrying, ie. relaxing and allowing money effortlessly and trusting myself with it, means I’m being financially responsible.

4. Determine the emotional pay off that the negative belief is providing for you and decide if the emotional pay off is worth keeping the belief or not. If not, decide you are ready to let go of it.

What are you getting out of your detrimental thoughts? Are you using them to keep yourself a victim? To get attention? Decide if you are ready to let go of that. If not, this is a good step to re-visit over time.

Worrying about money gives me a false sense of control over it, because I think I need to control it in order to have it and be responsible with it. Worrying keeps me in an alignment with lack and disallowing abundance,  with cutting off Source stream. This keeps me in a place of feeling “out of control”, unempowered, like a little kid. If I’m unempowered, if I’m a victim, I am safe. By being helpless, others will like me, not be threatened by me, and being powerful, owning my strength, puts me in danger. I’ve been keeping myself a victim in order to survive.
Yes, I am SO ready to give up that emotional pay off, because I’ve already begun to experience the bliss of allowing abundance in so many other ways. Money is just another form. I am ready to thrive, to step into my power, to allow money into my experience!

5. Seek out alternative evidence and alternative explanations which undermine the validity of your detrimental belief. Replace the evidence you’ve been using to back up and support your detrimental belief with evidence that undermines it!

Play the angel’s advocate. Play around with the beliefs you’ve grasped on so tightly to. You’ll easily see how subjective your reality is once you start to re-frame the evidence you once used to hold onto that detrimental belief.

Evidence for detrimental belief Worrying about money means I’m being financially responsible  :

  • I’ve survived thus far by “being nice”, ie. putting others’ realities ahead of building my own
  • As the middle kid in my family, my job was peace keeper, holding the balance. Putting others’ concerns ahead of my own.
  • Staying powerless relieves me from stress and puts that burden on others.  If I’m not in charge, no one can bother me. I can just play dumb.
  • My parents always worried about money when I was young
  • People get jealous and angry at those with lots of money. I need to be liked in order to survive.

Evidence that undermines detrimental belief:

  • There is no way to be truly loving to someone while actively not loving (ignoring my own value) myself
  • Shying from my own power does not help anyone. It simply perpetuates a collective belief in disempowerment.
  • As the middle kid in my family, I can now heal old patterns and wounds by using loving myself as a basis for all my other actions. As I step into my own power, it liberates others to do so.
  • **Staying powerless only adds more stress into my life!! I feel inadequate for not stepping up. I annoy others when I play dumb, despite the fact that I “should” know better. It causes me to WORRY about money, the issue at hand, not to feel care free!!**
  • My parents were simply passing on a belief they received from their parents. Time to move beyond old patterns and consciously CREATE new ones.

I’m learning that my detrimental “evidence” is all largely theoretical. Many of them are inherently contradictory. I can tell they were just beliefs I adopted, without even getting lots of concrete evidence for them. I observed my parents struggling with money, loved my parents, and adopted this similar way of behaving.

6. Look for evidence and proof to back up the beneficial belief which you would rather believe.

Evidence for beneficial belief -Not worrying, ie. relaxing and allowing money effortlessly and trusting myself with it, means I’m being financially responsible :

  • I have begun stepping into my own power and have received so much positive feedback and support! People support me MORE as I step into my own power.
  • I FEEL so good when I do something that feels like a true expression of myself. I enjoy sharing my gifts and talents with the world.
  • My dad and family give me endless support and love as I expand my reality. I no longer need to use the “victim” role in my family to survive!
  • For the past year I had a job I liked, worked with wonderful people and made more money than I ever had. It allowed me to pay off credit card debt, pay off a student loan, reduce other student loans and save to move: all in nine months’ time!! Wow! The empowerment that came from that has been ONLY POSITIVE
  • I’m happier than I ever have been. Each day I embrace who I am more and more.
  • As I love myself more, I allow more loving, wonderful people into my life who reflect that love back to me.

Hot damn I feel good! I really feel the momentum building in this part of the exercise. Trust me, you’ll feel good when you build up the beneficial belief you’ve been keeping yourself from for so long.

7. Use affirmations that work. These are affirmations which feel good to think, that you DO believe… NOT affirmations which make you more aware of where you aren’t and feel like a lie because they contradict your own sense of intelligence.

Place stepping stones to bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be.

Right now, saying “I’m a millionaire” would be too big of a step for me.

Affirmations that feel good:

  • I allow abundance into my life, more and more each day.
  • I enjoy allowing money into my experience
  • I effortlessly allow money and abundance into my life
  • I love myself and am proud of myself for consciously changing my beliefs

8. Without immediately taking inventory of your reality (out of distrust of the process), simply give your self some time to let the new beliefs take root and ALLOW your reality to change.

Whew! Instead of tapping my watch saying “Ok…I did the exercise. Now where’s the money at!?” I’m going to enjoy NOT worrying about money!

My Review / Experience

I had a difficult time getting into the momentum of this at first. Why? Probably because confronting these beliefs is something I’ve subconsciously been terrified of.

I’ve been holding myself back in many ways, my entire life. As I began to expand my reality, to take responsibility and power back into my life, that need for control set up shop in my beliefs about money and didn’t want to budge. Once I got to step six, though, I started feeling really good. This part builds up evidence for the beneficial belief we’d prefer to hold.

I plan on writing down the affirmations somewhere where I will see them often.
I feel really good for tackling this step, because I was initially very daunted by it. It seemed time-consuming, loaded, and annoyingly specific. Now, though, I just feel grateful it led me through all the cobwebbed corners I needed to explore.

I know that I may still worry about money, but the beauty of this exercise is I now have evidence to support my new, beneficial belief. If I worry about money, an old knee-jerk reaction, I can take that opportunity to remind myself of the new pathway I’m paving. Woo!!

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