Money Manifestation Challenge Step 2 – Visualize

by therootoftherootblog


Hey all! Welcome back.

We’re on Step 2 of the 12 Step Money Manifestation Challenge. Click the link below for more info and/or visit the About section for this blog.

Skip to 6:25 in the video to listen to step 2.

Step 2. Visualize what you want, why you want it and what you’ll do with it.

  • Get specific – Teal suggests we add elaborate, mundane detail to these visualizations to make them feel “real”. If you imagine buying a house, walk through all the rooms, see the outside, smell the smells, use all your senses to engage in the experience. The more specific you get, the more you align with this visualization to create your reality of it.
  • Make it believable – Pick something that you resonate with, something that feels believable, not an amount of money or thing that feels so outraegous that you think “There’s no way I could have that…”
  • Explore the why – Why do you want these things? With money, it’s so often implied that – of course we want it! The “why” doesn’t always surface. Ask yourself how this “why” connects to your sense of happiness.

My Experience / Review

The visualization was a struggle for me at first; I was surprised at the muddled mess of desires in my brain. I thought I’d easily conjure a specific list of things to focus on but my mind felt overloaded and wanted to give up immediately like a toddler throwing a tantrum. After sloshing through multiple, scattered, vague ideas at once, I decided I needed to center. I focused my breathing and did a short meditation before starting again. My brain kept wanting to “get it right” and I found it difficult to relax into the fun aspect of the visualization.

This is super normal. Your mind is going to want to throw in the towel, give up, say it’s all a bust. It’s ok. You’re the parent. Take a deep breath and continue on.

I tend to be a more verbal than visual person. To ease into this exercise, I focused on how it would feel to have the money and/or things I wanted. I focused on feeling safe, free, and empowered. I then asked “What would help me feel that way?” and continued with the visualization from there.

The “Challenge” aspect of this really hit me yesterday. I used to feel like anything involving money manifestation was a ridiculous scam. I’ve embraced the truth of creating my own reality but have been so hesitant to do so with money. In the past, I approached money as being entirely practical, in its own little reality sphere, untouched by spiritual practices. It wasn’t fully integrated into the rest of my life. The driving force behind this Challenge is to explore why that is, and to merge the two.

Sometimes, doing this Challenge publicly makes me feel ridiculous. I can hear the echoes of my former self making snide comments. I realize that to some I will appear “crazy”. We are often so afraid to play with our own realities, afraid to experiment and at least TRY another way of existence that we so quickly label anything else as delusional or nutty.

Last night, I had a dream that mirrored these anxieties. In the dream, I was constantly upset, crying, feeling overwhelmed. I was still in Minneapolis, about to move. Everyone who saw me was excited for me, wishing me well, and yet I was stuck in my emotionally negative space. I ended up in a shop with a tattoo artist, who quoted me an unbelievably low price, and started on a huge abdomen tattoo. I looked at it when it was done: it was a beautiful alignment of chakras, with four women, all empowered women from history on the four corners. I then saw that this was all contained within a mountain spirit creature, who had craggly, mountain-esque limbs. When I looked at the tattoo, I fell in love with it. It was a transformation of my pain into utter joy, resilience and hope.

As I sifted through this information download this morning, I saw it all come together. I am being challenged right now because amazing things are to come. Because the pain can be transformed into this beautiful, inspiring artwork that hopefully helps others feel a little less alone.

My Daily Grateful: Job Offer!

Without much food for dinner last night, my partner and I picked up something to-go from a busy, local restaurant. When I paid, I asked for a couple dollars back, leaving a 20%+ tip. The host looked up and asked “Where do you work?” I smiled and laughed and she said “No, seriously!” and proceeded to offer me a job at the restaurant. Although I’m not looking for a restaurant job at this time (looking to segue out of that, in fact) I was so grateful for the offer. By the end of the Challenge I’ll be manifesting job offers more in alignment with my current interests. Boo yah!

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