Money Manifestation Challenge Step 1 – Identify Your Beliefs

by therootoftherootblog


Hello all! Welcome to the 24 day Money Manifestation Challenge.
To watch Teal’s video that inspired the challenge, click on the link below! You’ll also find the twelve steps clearly written out.

Teal’s First Step:

1. Focus on (pay attention to) things which make you feel as if you already have abundance and wealth and not on things which make you feel poor. (Be in a space of appreciation.)

The big theme here is appreciation and gratitude. Teal defines gratitude as:

Pure, positive appreciation for the things that are in your life already.

We must become more grateful than worrisome. If your thoughts and attitude towards money are worrisome, full of lack and stress, you will continue to relate to money in that manner.

How to Shift Your Focus to Gratitude

1. Expand your definition of abundance
Do you think of wealth and abundance in the form of money, only? Is it really money we want or is it the freedom it gives us? So often we become focused on the money itself that we forget why it is we want the money. Use this why to help you zone in on what it is you’re really after. Often we spend money without even thinking, sometimes mindlessly, to fill a void. Imagine spending your money in a present, mindful way, on things and experiences you truly want.

Look at your life, currently. Have you been overly focused on money that you’ve missed the other forms of abundance in your life? Some are some often underrated examples of abundance:

  • Finding change or money in pants pocket
  • A friend taking you out to lunch
  • Someone lending you their favorite book
  • Any help or advice from a friend you would otherwise have had to pay for

Once you start noticing small things, more examples will pop up everywhere.

2. Do a money appreciation visualization
Teal recommends the following exercise: Save some money from a paycheck. Each day, take that money out and meditate on your appreciation for it. Send it love and gratitude for the freedom it allows you!

3. Write it Down
I’ve noticed that keeping a Gratitude Journal is a very helpful way to document my feelings of appreciation. As I was brainstorming on appreciation yesterday, I was truly impressed seeing all the abundance in my life written out before me. I plan to continue writing in my journal a few times a week, as part of my morning routine.

To hear more about my personal experiences using this technique, watch the video linked below!